Let The Light In To Your Kitchen This Summer

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A big, spacious kitchen is something that many of us dream of. However, not everyone is blessed with such a big space. Letting more light in is an easy way to make a room feel larger and more open, and there are some great interior design tricks to help transform your dream kitchen.

If the warm weather has inspired you to create lighter spaces in your home, take a look at these top tips for letting the light into your kitchen this summer.

Lighten Your Colour Scheme

By making your kitchen lighter, you’ll help make the most of the natural light, making it feel open and spacious. Colours such as white, pale grey and pastels make great kitchen colours, helping to create a much brighter look. Choosing a light coloured floor can also help to make your kitchen look bigger. So provided you’re willing to keep the floor clean, a lighter coloured floor can also help enhance the look of your kitchen.

Expand Your Patio Doors

An easy way to let more light into your kitchen is to expand your patio doors. Having more glass will make your room feel bigger, as well as allowing you to open your kitchen up during the warmer days. Enquire about bifold doors with https://www.vps247.co.uk for a great way to transform your kitchen without the need for an extension. Swap your walls for glass doors and enjoy looking out onto your garden.

Choose Natural-Looking Light Bulbs

The right kind of light bulbs can change the lighting in your home, and bring more natural light in. Buy light bulbs with a ‘daylight’ setting such as 5000K, and choose from some cool kitchen lighting ideas to give your home a more modern look. Large-scale lights are great for creating even lighting schemes, or you can use spotlights to create a moodier effect. Adding lights to your garden can also maximise light in your kitchen after dark, ideal for those late-night dinner parties.

Clear Some Space

Getting rid of excess clutter in your room will make it appear larger, allowing the light to reflect more, for a bright and airy kitchen. Use some space-saving home improvement tips to clear away excess mess and to make sure that everything has its own place. Start by having a thorough clear out to get rid of any unwanted goods – giving you less to have to reorganise and put away. Once you’ve had your clearout, you can invest in some space-saving storage solutions to help keep everything tucked out of the way.

With the long nights still with us for some time yet, you’ll want to make the most of the daylight. As one of the most used rooms in your home, it makes sense to want to make your kitchen look and feel lighter and give it a more modern look. Try some new decor styles and make some changes to truly transform your kitchen to create the spacious dream kitchen you’ve been wishing for.

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