Ironmongery Finishes And Care Instructions

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[AD] Even though door handles and other types of door furniture, such as hinges and locks, are used every day, they are often overlooked and only really cared for when they stop working (don’t worry, no judgment here – it happens to most people!).

But if you are reading this post, it is quite likely that you have recently noticed that your door furniture is starting to look old and tarnished. What happened to its shine and sparkle? What happened to the beautiful finish that it had when it was first installed?

The answer is simple – normal wear and tear of door furniture which hasn’t really been looked after. However, there are ways to look after your door furniture to keep it looking brand-new for a long time. Trust me!

General maintenance

As an article on Ironmongery Experts mentions, any type of door furniture which has moving parts that are used on a daily basis, such as door handles and door latches, should be regularly checked and lubricated to ensure they are always operational.

It is also important to notice that external ironmongery should also be checked regularly, as this type of ironmongery is more prone to lose their original appearance due to the daily exposure to the elements.

Stainless steel, chrome and nickel finishes.

These types of finishes should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth and soapy water and then, dried with a towel. This will clean any finger marks and dirt that has gathered on the surface plus, it will restore the appearance of the original finish.

Brass finishes.

Unlacquered brass finishes naturally darken over time due to oxidation. To maintain bright brass finishes, I would recommend cleaning them regularly with a cloth dipped in soapy water and then, removing the soap and drying the furniture with a clean cloth.

If your brass door handles are already a bit discoloured, this article on the Hunker gives the perfect instructions on how to remove tarnish from brass door handles. It’s easy and you will only require vinegar and lemon juice!

Black finishes.

Traditional black ironmongery should be cleaned regularly with a lightly oiled cloth to preserve the texture and colour. First, wipe down the surface with a soft dry cloth to remove any dirt and dust and then, wipe it again with a lightly oiled cloth.

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