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With Christmas only a few weeks away now, yes it really is only 8 weeks away, I’ve been thinking about the visitors we will have coming over the Christmas period.  As lucky as I am to have the space in order to have a sofa bed in one of our rooms, we are still going to be short of some sleeping space for our visitors.  Like most people, it’s not really practical to go out and buy extra beds and have somewhere to store them plus as we will want our guests to be comfortable it’s not fair to ask people to sleep on the floor or an airbed.  Our sofa bed is going to be ideal for the adult visitors however we also got a couple of children coming to stay and so I’ve been looking at a practical and a cheaper alternative to additional beds or another sofa bed which quite frankly we don’t have the space in our home for.

What I have found are these guest beds which money wise and practicality wise are absolutely a perfect fit for us enabling us to put up the odd guest not only at Christmas but at other times in the future.  We don’t have the space for additional beds but what would be a great solution to our problem is a guest bed from Bed Guru.  This would fit nicely in my office without taking up great amounts of room and would provide us with 2 extra beds.

I especially like this day bed which can be used as a sofa in my office when it is not needed as an extra bed or two.

The best thing is they can also be put away at the end of the visit and two beds are stored in a minimal space and are much more stylish if we picked a day bed version.  They really are a great solution to our needs and I’m sure like us you would find them a great solution to putting guests up in your home.  If you have a couple come to stay some of the beds will transform in to a double bed at very little ease.

I’m not quite sure why I didn’t think of something like this before because as a family they are going to be great items to allow us to have guests who can have a comfortable night in a real bed.  Would you find something like this useful to get #GuestBedReady this Christmas?

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