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[AD] The kitchen is the heart of any home. And if you’re a busy parent, chances are you’re in there a lot! Preparing meals can be a pleasure for many of us, but only if the kitchen suits the way we like to cook and eat. This is why it is so important to design your kitchen to suit your lifestyle, rather than trying to change what you do to suit the space. Are you ready to tackle the most important room in the house?


Not every house has a lot of space for a kitchen. You have a few choices here. You might choose to knock through an internal dividing wall to create a more open plan feel. This is ideal when you have kids or if you like to entertain. It means you can still be part of whatever is going on while you’re tending to the stove.

Another option is to extend that part of the house into the garden. Kitchen extensions are often light and airy. As light is essential to safe cooking, many people choose a glass roof or large skylight design for their kitchen extension. Ultimately, you’re creating more floor space. You might even fit in an island, complete with storage or integrated hob.

The third option is to rearrange the kitchen layout to better suit how you use the room. If you often eat in a hurry, it makes sense to eat in the kitchen. Most dining sets are too large to fit in a tight space. Instead, look at bar stools and tables that are designed for casual eating in a kitchen. You can then make more use of the worktop space, and still find space for dining here. Choose a corner sink unit to free up even more worktop space.


The appliances you choose for your kitchen could make all the difference when it comes to hassle-free living. Dishwashers and tumble driers free up so much time for us to spend with our families. The challenge is to fit them in! Dishwashers usually sit under or beside the sink. This is to ensure the plumbing reaches comfortably. You can find dishwashers that are built in, hiding them from view for a cleaner look in the kitchen.


Many tumble driers are condensing tumble driers. This means you don’t need that annoying hose hanging out of the window. You might have an integral garage that doesn’t get too chilly. Your tumble drier and your spare freezer could sit out there quite happily. Make sure you only use them when you are in the house. Don’t try to repair your appliances yourself. Hire someone, or buy a new one.


The design of your kitchen should suit your style preferences. If you like to chop on the worktop, choose a granite top instead of wood or laminate. Most styles are available in each of these materials. If you’re in a hurry but have little ones, choose soft close cupboard doors and drawers. And if you love to entertain, pick built in speakers for that all important music. Love your kitchen.




  • Tiffany M Bastedo – Relationship Coach

    15th September 2017 at 9:11 PM

    Such great ideas! My kitchen flows nicely in to my den with a bar between. I wouldn’t mind expanding it a bit in to the den and taking the den out in to the garden. And creating a lovely garden is next on my list!

  • Macs

    29th September 2017 at 11:56 AM

    Your kitchen is so lovely.I so love it. Thank you for sharing

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