Making Finishing Touches To My Office For Overnight Guests

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[AD] If like me you have occasional overnight guests, you may want to make some changes to your decor in order to welcome them into your home. I’m am needing to change my office into a bedroom for guests we are expecting in October.  As well the room being used as my office we are lucky enough to have space for a sofa bed in there but I feel the room needs some brightening up before our guests arrive.

As part of renovating our house, we recently painted the room and fitted a new carpet but I am still in need of some new curtains and accessories to brighten the room up.

The room has been painted in a light grey and we have a lovely dark grey carpet so I’m on the lookout for a contrasting colour to add a colour ‘pop’.  I’m also in need of some new duvets and pillows as well as covers for them.

I think the above set of deluxe bedding will look stunning and I would like to find some mustard accessories, such as a nice blanket, some scatter cushions and perhaps a rug for in front of the sofa bed when it is not being used as a bed. As I don’t want the room to look too monotone I think we need to add a little bit more colour into the room and mustard accessories will add just the right ‘pop’ of colour that we need.

I would also like to get a table lamp to go on the chest of drawers so our guests have a light to switch on whilst in bed and also to give some ambient lighting to the room which also doubles up as a second sitting room during the evenings.

With the addition of these accessories and finally getting round to put some pictures up that I have had ready for what seems like an age my office/second sitting room will finally be finished. I am quite looking forward to completing another room in our house then I’ll be able to move on to another room. This renovating a house lark really is time, and money consuming!


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