Need New Flooring For Your Home? Choose Click Vinyl Flooring!

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[AD] If you’re mid redoing your home or even a first-time buyer, decisions such as ‘what are the best flooring options’ or ‘do I opt for painted walls or wallpapers’ can feel overwhelming. Especially, if like most people you’ve also got to keep in mind budget restrictions and need to work out all installation logistics.

While I can’t tell you if you should listen to your nan and opt for floral wallpapers or if bright orange really is the best colour for your bedroom, I can help you with choosing a great flooring solution. I’ve teamed up with Amtico to bring you the best flooring solutions to help you with your decision making process.

What Is Click Vinyl Flooring?

Click flooring is an easy to install, versatile flooring solution. As the name suggests, it is a flooring option with a “click in place” installation mechanism. Usually available in an assortment of finishes and has a spectrum of benefits hence is a popular option with a variety of customers.

Why Choose Click Flooring?

Click flooring requires no adhesive upon installation. The click mechanism makes the installation process easy and quick. Additionally, the flooring is softer underfoot in comparison to traditional hardwood flooring options.

Every vinyl tile is designed to be durable and resilient. The heat-compressed engineering of each tile ensures high quality. Making this solution pet-friendly. Also available in a range of stylish designs so there is no need to compromise design for practicality.

A flooring solution that offers a 20dB acoustic rating (making it sound observant and quiet to the step). If you have little ones or elderly family members that need undisturbed sleep, the quiet underfoot feature will be very beneficial to you.

It is waterproof! Yes, you read it right! Spilled teas or tipped over flower vases will not ruin our flooring and damage other layers of your home as the click floors are waterproof!

Amtico’s click flooring is designed to work with underfloor heating (especially useful for bathrooms or bedrooms). Regular hardwood flooring tends to warp or crack when installed over underfloor heating.

Oppose to other flooring solutions; vinyl tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. Which means with minimal care, the floors will last you longer than some delicate natural surfaces such as wood.

How Do You Maintain Click Floors?

While vinyl tiles are durable, waterproof and endurance resistant, it is still recommended to take regular care to ensure longevity. The suggested upkeep isn’t much, just a daily dust sweep and a damp mop weekly. When it comes to spot cleaning spillages, ensure to immediately wipe up and use appropriate products and take care as some products can make the surface slippery.

All in all, click flooring has lots of benefits and usually is also a lot more cost-effective long term than other flooring options. Keep in mind these product features when selecting flooring for your home.


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