How To Incorporate Classic Furniture Into A Modern Home

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[AD] It can seem a real challenge to bring classic pieces of furniture into your home when the building is a modern or new build. With some designs and styles, the furniture can clash and look out of place. There are, however, some great classic furniture pieces which can look great and work with modern styles.

Because classic pieces of furniture are trendy right now, I’ve put together a list of some pieces which can work really well in modern spaces and not look out of place.

Chesterfield Sofas

One of the most classic pieces of furniture is the Chesterfield Sofa which has become synonymous with British furniture design. Available in a range of colours and sizes, these handmade sofas are an elegant addition to any room. When placed in a modern room, this sofa can become a real statement piece, either through its distinct colours or iconic design. The button-backed design reflects elegance and luxury which these sofas became associated with.

Wishbone Chairs

The wishbone chair is an iconic piece of design. Renowned Danish designer Hans Wegner designed the chair in 1949, and the wishbone remains one of the most recognisable chair designs in the world. Incorporating this classic piece of furniture into a modern home is very simple as the classic minimalist nature of the design fits well into current style trends. Wishbone chairs are a perfect option for a dining chair and can work well with a dining table you already have, as the range of colour the chairs come in can be extensive.

Roll Top Bath

Bathrooms can be challenging to design because the functional requirements are much more important compared to a room like the living room. A roll-top bath, however, combines the functionality of a bath with a timeless design. The design of the bath makes it a very comfortable option when it comes to baths. It must be said that the roll-top can’t combine a bath and shower in the way a ‘P shaped’ bath can, but it has a far more elegant and luxury design which can really elevate the style of your bathroom.

Art Deco Sideboard

The Art Deco style is one of the most popular and enduring styles from the early 20th century. Seen in countless areas of daily life from building to furniture, Art Deco can be cleverly incorporated into modern homes with accent pieces. A great example of this would be with an Art Deco sideboard, coffee table or side table. These pieces, while being bold and striking, can work well in rooms where they can add character and won’t clash with already bold pieces.

Overall, when incorporating classic pieces of furniture with modern rooms and furniture, the key is finding a balance. If you have a piece such as a Chesterfield sofa, it will likely be the statement piece of the room, and you then build around it with more minimalist items in keeping with a modern style. For other items, such as an Art Deco sideboard or wishbone chairs, they work well as little accents to help convey a classic touch while the main feel of the room maintains a modern style. Either way adding classic furniture can help lift the style of a room, and they remain functional while conveying elegance and quality which comes with classic pieces.


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