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898In September 2016 I took a trip to IKEA just outside of Birmingham to buy some new bedroom furniture. I purchased two of the double Pax wardrobes plus a corner Pax wardrobe and two bedside chests and a desk.

I am not somebody who likes the white fresh clean decor and I just love/use colour around the house. From my bedroom, I chose a very retro orange and turquoise wallpaper with beige and grey tones from Next. I have this wallpaper along the wall behind my bed and where some of the wardrobes are going and then round the corner onto a second wall.  I have an L-shaped bedroom and my bed and part of the wardrobes are against the longest walk and then the wardrobes come round the corner into the alcove.  As the wardrobes, I chose from IKEA aren’t full height I had the wallpaper going around the top the room so it shows above the wardrobe.  This actually meant I only needed two rolls of paper instead of four.  I have painted the other alcove wall a pale grey/beige as in the picture below and this is also the colour of the window wall which is about 14ft long.  The small wall by the door I have painted orange to match the wallpaper but as their is a full legth mirror on that wall, it is only minimum orange that can be seen but it does give the room that little pop of colour that I like.  The other wall that runs from the door to the window wall is painted turquoise.  Again this is a small wal (about 7ft) and does not over power the room.

My father started to put together the first double wardrobe which would be going at the end in the alcove. Unfortunately the wardrobes are about 8 inches short of the full width of the alcove which I’m not sure what I will do with at the moment.  The wardrobes measure a metre wide and 1.95 m high and we were able to build the first one on the floor and then move them upright and then add the drawer runners, drawers the shelf and the rail above. As with most IKEA products they went together very easily.  The bedside chests were supper easy to put together too.

Then the renovations on my bedroom seem to grind to a halt until this weekend. This weekend with the help of a friend, I managed to put together the second Pax double wardrobe and also the corner wardrobe which fits between the two. I won’t lie because the corner wardrobe was rather tricky to put together mainly because I think we should put it together before we made the 2nd double wardrobe.  With the two double wardrobes assembled space was limited and we ended up having to put it together in the corner where it was going to be.

In both of the double wardrobes I have four drawers at the bottom.  They fitted together so well and with little ease. I did have a look at the baskets at IKEA that fir these wardrobes but as they were near enough the same price of the drawers I found the drawers rather more sturdier and picked those instead of wire baskets and I think they look much better as well.

The Pax system from Ikea is really good system as it enables you to design a wardrobe system for your needs.  There is an online design package where you can put your room measurements in and then design the interior of the wardrobes.  This is a valuable package as certain accessories can go in certain positions because of where the door hinges need to fit. As you can see I have had two double wardrobes drawers at the bottom and short rails above for tops and skirts/trousers, then my corner unit is a full length rail for dresses and jumpsuits.  I need to say the corner unit I have has now been discontinued and they in a different unit but this is prices so much more than what I paid for this one and I think the one I have is more practical as half your clothes will be up the corner and you won’t be able to get to them easily.  Practically, its probably much easier to put together than the corner unit I have but this is more practical for my needs.  The corner unit I have requires 1 door where as the new one has two doors, thus increasing the cost yet again.

I really am happy with the wardrobes and think it brilliant value for money it went together so well the drawers glide beautifully I am all we need to do now is perch the doors and once I’ve done that I could of sent to ring you and update you when I think about my new IKEA wardrobes.

In the meantime I will get busy and put everything back into my wardrobes which has all been piled onto the bed into boxes and now needs sorting out. The new coat hangers that you can see in the wardrobes are also from IKEA and I have purchased a couple of small washing baskets which will fit lovely in the corner unit to keep my shoes on. The bedside chests, one can be seen in the photo below are from IKEA also.

In order to finish my bedroom I need to:

  • Paint the window wall
  • Paint skirting on window and door wall
  • Put new rail and curtains up
  • Lay new carpet
  • Purchase doors for the wardrobes and fit them
  • Headboard

I am hoping to get this done over the next 2 to 3 months.  With my health being the way it is things are going at a much slower pace than I would like but there isn’t a rush and my health has to come first.

All I need to but is the carpet, underlay and wardrobe doors and they will cost in the region of £450.  To date I’ve spent £750 which includes furniture (But not a bed) paint, wallpaper, curtains, new bed clothes, scatter cushions, mirror, lamps, pictures and accessories.  Mt father is making the new headboard for me as he used to have his own interiors business and I have already purchased everything needed to make it.  My original budget was £1,000 but I was originally not having the corner wardrobe but when I measured up the room I found I could fit the corner unit in.  As I don’t intend on moving house again, I’ve gone with what I wanted and now all three units are up I’m glad I went with the corner unit as it looks more streamlined.

Have you undertaken any renovations recently?  How long did they take you?  I’m estimating 2 years with my bedroom!

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