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Once upon a time all our bathroom and home inspiration was delivered to us from the glossy magazines. Then came online magazine sites, shortly followed by Pinterest. And while we still swoon over the stunning, stylish home interiors we can’t stop re-pinning on Pinterest, we’re starting to obsess over another platform – Instagram.

Finding bathroom and home ‘inspo’ is literally easier than ever. We can be watching TV while scrolling through hundreds of beautiful bathrooms all captured and shared on ‘the gram’. Whether you’re one of those who is addicted to the hashtag #bathroomgoals, or you have a favourite bathroom inspo page you visit daily, you get instant access to this splendour whenever you like.

Beautiful bathrooms these days are giving a nod to the wellness and clean-living trends. Bathrooms are starting to reflect our self-care, which is pretty much becoming the norm for us all to invest in, and not just seen as a luxury.

If you want to join this with trend and have a bathroom of your own which is classed as ‘insta-worthy’, then we have just the right tips for you. Whether you plan on sharing it with the world or not – here are five things you must have to get that perfect shot.

A Bathtub of Dreams

Have you noticed that predominantly, the bath is the key focal point in all photos of stunning bathrooms? In an ideal world, we would all invest in those incredible standalone bathtubs, but with these being the most expensive (and with some homes not actually being able to hold the weight of these) we simply can’t all own one.

Steel baths are the next best thing, and you can get some really lovely shapes and designs from retailers like Bathdisc. The advantage of a steel bath is that they look modern and strong, and when you feel them, they feel solid to the touch. As steel is pressed into shape, it can be formed into clean, crisp lines to create striking designs. Another note to bear in mind is that most steel baths come with tap holes pre-drilled, so all you need to do is choose your perfect set of bath taps.

A bright white steel bath against clean tiling will look striking in any bathroom.

Luxury Products

You may have noticed that as well as photos of the room, there’s a lot of trending Instagram photos which act more like a ‘shelfie’. In other words, close up styled photography which zooms in on pretty, aesthetically pleasing accessories and beauty products. Alas, that plastic bottle of that cheap and cheerful shampoo on the side of the bathtub just won’t make the cut.

It tends to be the more high-end luxury brands that come with beautiful packaging that ‘make the cut’. A little hack here is to invest in these items once (we’re talking about that cute glass Aesop hand wash bottle, and that Diptique candle) and then decanter these with cheaper versions when they run out.

You can fill the handwash up with a cheaper alternative, or place tea lights into an empty candle holder.

Recessed Walls

While the home wear trend of shelving continues to rise, step aside for the latest bathroom adaption: bathroom nooks. These inward shelves are a hit right now, guaranteed to make your bathroom resemble those seen in the luxury hotels and spas. If you’re not too familiar with these, it’s where the tiles go inwards to create a shelf that doesn’t stick out but goes inward, making it a recessed wall.

Not only do they add an interesting dimension to any room, but they also provide functional storage spaces too. It can be quite hard to store things in bathrooms without looking messy, but with these sleek inward shelves, your favourite products and fluffy towel as sit out of the way, but look pleasing to the eye.

Show Some Marble

Marble took over the Pinterest and Instagram world back in 2017, and guess what: it’s going nowhere. This time, marble is becoming big across bathrooms, with the use of marble increasingly being used for marble-topped vanity units, or even being utilised as single slabs.

Muted, subtle versions of marble are also starting to be used more across tiling, for either floors, walls or that tiling panel you place under the mirror but above the sink. As a natural stone, it will require regular sealing to ensure it stays looking pristine, but combining natural good looks with a luxury price point, the wow-factor is worthwhile.

Can’t afford the real thing? Consider porcelain tiles which mimic the look of marble without the upkeep.

Brass or Black Hardware

Chrome is the most common finish found in bathroom hardware, as it tends to be the most accessible and the most affordable. But if you really want that Instagram-worthy look, then consider a different finish. Brass is certainly having a moment, whether it’s the more bronze shade of brass or leaning towards the pretty rose gold finish. Brass combines beautifully with many finishes, including marble (as mentioned above) and striking white. However, brass does hold a high price point meaning it’s still unattainable for many.

For a different look – but equally as Instaworthy – consider matt black. This up-and-coming finish trend creates a striking contrast with white tiles and can be combined with chrome fixtures for wow-factor without the hefty price tag.

If you keep your bathroom clean and tidy on the regular and combine a few of the handy tips above, you’ll be ready to get sharing your beautiful bathroom on Instagram, pronto!

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