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[AD] We each have a unique idea of what the feeling of home means to us; and this comes down to multiple aspects such as the aesthetic details, the neighbourhood, the people and animals you share your home with and the emotional sense of what home means for you.

Whatever home looks and feels like for you, it’s clear there’s a big difference between the feeling of walking into a house that feels like a “home” and a house that is just a house.

In many ways home boils down to a sense of belonging and certainty that provides comfort and stability for you and your family, yet often we make the mistake that this feeling of home is something that comes with the property you purchase, which simply isn’t the case, as the feeling of home is something that needs to be generated and created rather than attained through a transaction.

This article will uncover some of the ways you can ensure your house hunting will be productive in terms of finding you a happy home and offers five tips on pre-purchase property inspection tips.


Consider things such as whether your phone has full signal in the property.  Given our reliance on mobile devices, you’ll want to make sure you have adequate reception so that you don’t need to go out in the garden each time you want to make a phone call.  You’ll also want to do a postcode check to see about the speed of the internet.

Another aspect to consider is that of the social purpose the house… is it a good house for entertaining, if you’re the sort of person to want to hold dinner parties, for instance, or is the space more set up for a meal on laps situation.

Also, how is the garden?  Is it suitable for hosting outdoor parties and having friends over for summer barbecues, or is it small and unsightly?  How about the neighbours?  Are they noisy and boisterous to the point you won’t ever be able to enjoy a good book in the peace and quiet of your own back garden.

Again, these little things are important particularly when looking for a house that can be turned into a home.


A beautiful view can make all the difference to a home.  Indeed, a property with a small living area can often be compensated by a beautiful view.  Also, this is the one thing you can’t change – you can clean the window, upgrade to Montgomery curtains, and even install new french doors, but you cannot upgrade the view!


Can you hear the neighbours arguing, dogs barking, or children crying?  Is there a busy road next to the property that will keep you awake each night, or in the morning when rush hour hits.


You’ll ideally want to meet the neighbours as they are often a much more reliable source of information than the real estate agent trying to sell you the property.

Similarly, it might be worth asking other people on the street about the road and get a sense of their reaction to your neighbours, as it’s better to know now, before you commit to buying a property if the people living next door to you are unsavoury.


Spend a night or two at a nearby hotel or an AirBnB in order to get a feel for the area; go to the local gym, peruse the shops, eat at the local takeaway – get to grips with the area itself and find out what’s the attitude and atmosphere of the location.  Go to the local pub and have a drink, see what the vibe is like.

Also, consider what the location is like after dark?  Does it make you feel safe and at peace, or does it put you on edge?  Are there shady people lurking around, or is the area quiet and peaceful?

It’s good to even find out how busy and congested the roads are around the property in rush hour, for, as an example if you’re heading to the gym each day – and you find you’ll be stuck in an hour’s worth of traffic, you might want to make other plans.

In summary, buying a new house is not the same as buying a new home; home is a feeling that must be created, as it does not come with the house itself – but these tips will hopefully serve you in terms of considering what to look for in your pre-purchase property inspection from a lifestyle perspective rather than just the common structural and legal checks.


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