A Bookworm’s Guide To Organising And Storing Literature

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When the Kindle and e-readers were initially released, it was proclaimed that the days of paperbacks and hardbacks were over. Turning pages would become a thing of the past – now all you had to do was press a button to move along to the next page – and you could forget the inevitable arm ache that comes hand in hand with the simple task of trying to keep the book itself open at all angles. Instead, you’d just have a lightweight reader that could store hundreds of books, which could be pulled up from its memory as and when you pleased. But this didn’t necessarily come true. Sure, e-readers have been a profound success and they really do have plenty of merits. But there’s something about physical books that we’re just not ready to give up yet. Whether it’s the smell of the pages of a freshly printed novel or the novelty of slowly building up a personal library, showcasing what you’ve read, tangible books remain a profound success, with hundreds of thousands of us purchasing them year-round. But with hoards books comes responsibility. After all, you’re going to have to keep them somewhere and preferably in a logical order so you can find whichever book you need at a moment’s notice. So, how can you got about this? Read on as we got through some organisational and storage tips for any modern day book lover!

Buy a Sturdy Bookcase

The first thing you’re going to have to invest in is a sturdy bookcase. Now, we all know how a bookcase works, but when it comes to purchasing one, let’s put extra emphasis on “sturdy.” Why? Well, anyone who’s purchased a low-quality, budget bookcase before will be familiar with shelves sagging and even breaking under the weight of your collection. Some bookcase backs will even fall through, leaving you scrambling around behind the case trying to collect them back up. So choose a durable material that can support the weight that you intend to load it with. Check out the Mahogany Bookcase Sale for some high-quality examples.

Put Shelves Up

If you find that your reading habit quickly outgrows the capacity of your bookcase, don’t worry. There are more options to prevent your books from taking over every other available surface in your home. Consider putting some shelves up. Now, if you’re planning on filling the entire shelf from one end to the other with your favourite pieces of fiction, you’re going to need to ensure that they’re sitting on strong brackets and that the wall will support their weight. It may be best to call in a professional to put them up for you to prevent broken shelves or holes in the wall. They’ll be able to determine what will be best in regards to your property. For one or two books, however, a standard shelf should do!

While books can take up a lot of room, they can really make a great feature in your property, as well as providing you with your own personal collection to choose from at any given time. So, make sure that they’re stored neatly and safely!

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