5 Tips On How To Promote Your House From Beginning To End For Sale

Today, advertising and marketing are extremely important for selling a house. Social media and internet are constantly evolving, which has paved the way for homeowners to promote their house easily. One thing is for sure, a house that is properly marketed receives a lot of attention, which impacts its sale price. So, before you put up a “For Sale” sign on the front yard, why not go a little above and beyond.

Following are 5 tips that will help you promote your house from beginning to end for sale:

1. Photograph the House from All Angles

First impression is the last impression… isn’t that what we say about people? So, why not apply that to the house. Take a picture of the front of the house in the morning and then proceed from there. Make sure to take all the exterior pictures in the morning. Next, take interior photos of every room from the bedroom to the bathroom, basement, laundry room, kitchen and even the attic.  Lastly, make a virtual tour of the house with a narration in the background that talk about the aspects and features of the house.

2. Create an Attractive Post

You can buy listings from you local real estate agent or register on websites such as BuyMyPlace to market your house on the listings they offer. Post the pictures here and write briefly about the house. Don’t forget to mention the price.

3. Get a Little Creative – Direct Mail

Again, you can buy mailing lists from your local real estate agents and then customize post cards from websites such as https://customgear.com.au/ and distribute them. This is a great way to connect with potential buyers through your friends and neighbours.

4. Give an Ad in the Newspaper

While this might me a little costly but it sure will bring a lot of attention to your house. Give an ad in the news paper and mention the date of your first open house in it.  You can advertise other dates on social media posts such as those of Facebook and Twitter.

5. Open House

Last but not the least, do regular open houses on Sundays, so that people can come to it easily. Your first open house might not be a hit with the buyers but it will give you some insight into what buyers in general are looking for.  You can then implement the necessary changes to make it worth a second look for the buyers. Moreover, an open house presents you with the best opportunity to convince potential buyers why the house is the right fit for them.  The goal of marketing your house is to get as much attention as you can. If the first marketing tip is done properly, buyers will be promptly waiting for your next open house call, just so that they can see the competition. And this is how you get multiple offers and an upper hand in the negotiations when you are closing the deal.

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