5 Luxuriously Green Home Upgrades

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[AD] Caring about the environment doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy life’s small luxuries. In fact, going green at home can add value to your property as well as putting you at the forefront of the environmentally friendly wave in your community – you know, so that your neighbours will have to follow your lead.

It’s good for Mother Nature and good for you, so have a look at the options below to get one step closer to the home of your dreams. It might not be completely for free but the money you save on energy may be enough to convince you nonetheless.

#1 Smart devices to control the home environment

Who wouldn’t love a personal assistant that turns on the coffee for you in the morning, heats up your home if you’ve been away for a while, and dims the lights without you even having to get up from the couch? Sure, home smart devices may sound like they’re all about comfort and luxury but they’re really a lot more innovative than that.

By remotely controlling your home’s climate, you may be able to save a lot on your next energy bill – that’s both convenient and practical at the same time. It is particularly helpful if you travel a lot for work, for example, or stay in different homes according to the seasons as you’ll be in full control wherever you are in the world.

No more wasted energy, no more loud music from the kids while you’re not at home – and, of course, no more getting up from the bed to turn that coffee machine on in the morning. You’re allowed a bit of luxury, after all.

#2 Sustainable or locally sourced building materials

While we all love the look of wood and high-quality materials, we would rather have the forests intact than seeing it chopped down for our sake. That’s why so many homeowners have started to look for sustainable building materials that can reduce the impact they have on the environment while still making their homes look beautiful – it’s absolutely possible and everyone else is doing it.

Recycled steel and wood, foam insulated panels, and solar tiles are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible for sustainable homes these days and you’re certainly not facing a lack of options. Make sure the materials you choose when building your dream home or simply upgrading your home are what you need in terms of both reducing your carbon footprint and insulating the house.

Not only will many of these help you towards a more energy efficient home, but they are often locally sourced or at least sustainably sourced. You can learn more about exotic wood that’s actually sustainable in this article on www.oakfurnitureuk.co and rejoice over all the options you have for your home upgrades.


#3 Residential solar power

Sure, you probably expected this alternative already – but it’s an important step to take if you want an energy efficient home that is able to sustain itself. Any proud homeowner with a bit of extra money to spare should make this upgrade as soon as possible – with so many advantages, it is hard to see why you wouldn’t do it if you can afford it.

It is a rather expensive installation, yes, and it’s no doubt that the interest in solar power is going to continue to make the price increase. Get it over with sooner rather than later, in other words, and you’ll be able to save a fortune on electricity in the long run.

With all the interest and advances in the field, you’ll also be able to find the kind of design that suits your home, including attractive roof tiles. You’ll be able to save money, help the environment, and feel incredibly smug about it at the same time.

#4 Kitchen garden

To even things out a bit, it’s nice to have an alternative that won’t cost everything you ever managed to save. A kitchen garden means that you will have local produce growing right where you live and you won’t have to visit the farmer’s market again in a while – unless you’d like to sell your own produce there, that is.

Kitchen gardens are the home upgrade everyone can afford as long as they’re willing to put in just a little bit of effort. Plant it, love it, care for it and it will grow healthy and strong enough for you to include in your cooking and ditch the vegetable aisle in the grocery store altogether. It’s a great hobby to have and will give your luxury house that extra feeling of homeliness; have a look at this article on www.motherearthnews.com for a list of the best starter vegetables that hopefully won’t die on you right away.

Plus, by incorporating a compost in the corner of your garden, you’re also contributing to the everlasting circle of using an recycling produce.

#5 Green or living roofs

A green roof will take your home to the next level in terms of nature-friendly habitation. These living roofs may cost double the amount of a regular roof but they will also reduce the heat loss significantly and thereby also reduce your energy bill more than any other normal roof could ever dream of.

While doing your home this massive favour, it is also able to filter pollutants and carbon dioxide in the air which is, as we know, great for the environment and your community as a whole.

It will look like a cosy cottage in Switzerland while making the air as fresh as in the Alps. Make sure you’re smug enough about it to drive your next-door neighbours to do the same and you’ll have the nicest-smelling neighbourhood ever.

Eco-friendly luxury homes may look a lot different than you had in mind and might even include some features you never thought you’d incorporate in your home. It’s great for nature, though, and saves you a ton of money – which is really what it’s all about.



  • Lex Reyes

    11th June 2018 at 5:00 AM

    This exactly what I tell my friends! “Get it over with sooner rather than later, in other words, and you’ll be able to save a fortune on electricity in the long run.” it’s much better to spend big on it now and save up later rather than spend a much higher cost when you buy late at the same time you’ll be paying a big amount on electric bills

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