When All You Want To Do Is Hide Away On Mother’s Day

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I can honestly say that I really don’t like Mother’s Day. My own mother died 11 years ago now and I don’t think that it has ever felt right since. All the emotions both good and bad seem to start up at this time of year. It seems so much worse as her birthday is mid march as well.  Literally every single day since Valentines my inbox has been full of emails saying buy this, buy that. People telling you what to do this Mother’s Day. Everywhere you look on social media, television, advertising newspapers, magazines it’s all happy happy Mother’s Day time. But not everyone finds this time of year a happy one.

I really do struggle to actually express the emotions I have. We didn’t really have a close relationship, my mother and I, in fact, I had a closer relationship with my Nan, her mother than I did with her. We never had a good relationship despite what people thought. There was always the feeling that I had been such a disappointment to her. The fact that was the last thing she said to be before she died has always stayed in my mind.  It also doesn’t help that my ex-husband never really did I thing for Mother’s Day for me when the children were very young despite going over the top for his own mother, year after year. When we split it was up to me to arrange Mother’s Day treats for myself and my children and to be honest this felt very strange. No family stepped in to take over when I became a single parent.

It’s just so hard to find a reason to smile on Mother’s Day any more. Emotions are really so mixed up that I just want to stay in bed all day and just forget that the day exists.  I know I’m not the only one feeling this way; hurting, unset, confused. To anyone else feeling this way I just want to say there is no right or wrong way to feel and just do what you need to do for you today.

Here are some heartfelt post from some other mothers who have also struggled this time for one reason or another.

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Whatever emotions today brings up for you, please realise these feelings are not wrong and remember to be kind to yourself.


  • Lynn James

    11th March 2018 at 8:48 PM

    Sending you much love and understanding. As long as we feel we are real and human. And talking about it helps others. I feel assured tgat I’m not the only one ❤

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