What I Look For In A Spa Break

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[AD] Life at home can be so hectic and at times a little stressful for all of us and what better way to relax and unwind than to visit a spa? With the choice of the right spa treatments, you will soon find yourself relieving your worries, stress, and tension.

I much prefer small boutique hotels than the larger chains as I prefer the more relaxed atmosphere and personal service such a hotel can provide. The installation of custom-built saunas and steam rooms to smaller boutique hotels can be designed to blend perfectly into the hotel and can make a stay even more special and relaxing.

 Relaxation and Stress Management

The whole point of going to a spa is to relax, unwind and reduce stress. Merely sitting in a jacuzzi, steam shower or sauna can immensely relieve you of stress.


Sadly the environment is full of harmful toxins which can impact our health. Spa treatments such as saunas and massages can help our body rid itself of these toxins and excess fluids which can otherwise lead to energy loss, constipation and bloating. After a detox treatment, it is essential that you up your water intake for at least 24 hours as the treatments will rid your body of fluid as well as the toxins.

Improved Circulation and Blood Pressure

Spa treatments such as heat therapy, hydrotherapy, and massage can increase blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Manage Pain

I personally suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and because of the arthritis, I don’t tend to sit, stand or walk with good posture. This, in turn, gives me numerous aches and pains in my muscles, coupled with fibromyalgia pain some days my pain levels are off the scale and pain killers really don’t alleviate the pain and this has a huge effect upon my quality of life. Saunas, steam rooms and massages really do help to relax my muscles, in turn, alleviating some of the pain. Although I’ve accepted I’m unlikely ever to be pain free by alleviating some of the pain and pacing what I do I’m able to live some resemblance of a normal life.

Improved Sleep Patterns and Breathing

Saunas, heat-related therapies and steam rooms can help the relaxation process which in turn can help you to sleep better at night. I for one know that I can face whatever life throws at me far better when I have had a good nights sleep.

Do you like to visit spas to help you relax and unwind?


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