Really Easy Ways To Build Your Confidence

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[AD] If you feel low on confidence, you probably don’t believe in yourself or have much of a presence. However, just because confidence doesn’t naturally exude from you, doesn’t mean that you can’t build up your confidence and feel better. Below, you’ll find some really easy ways to build your confidence that should make all the difference to your self-esteem and life in general.

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Have An Image In Your Head Of The Person You Want To Be

Picture the person you’d like to be. What do they wear? How do they stand? Who do they spend time with? This should be the best, most confident version of yourself. Once you have an image in your head of what that person is all about, all you have to do is keep that image there and step into the persona of that person. You’re doing something called ‘identity shifting’, and it can be very powerful. 

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Regularly

Get out of your comfort zone regularly to build your confidence and prove to yourself what you’re capable of. Things both big and small count. Sign up for a class. Smile at a stranger. Go bungee jumping. Do the things that scare you! 

Work On Yourself Constantly  

Working on yourself is something that you should be doing at all times. You should be reading, listening to podcasts, going to bed early, exercising, and doing everything else you possibly can to become the best version of yourself. You should also work on becoming more confident at work – the infographic below can help you. 

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