Valentines Gifts For Over 40s

Valentines day is fast approaching next week.  Personally I really aren’t one for huge romantic gestures with roses and meals out.  I’d much rather have a well thought out gift and a night in with a special meal.

As I have got older I’ve learnt to appreciate small well thought out gifts. Gifts that I have a connection with and have been picked with some thought about who I am and what I like doing; things that will cheer me up. It isn’t always to do with the cost of an item. Something costing a few pounds can often be more gratefully received than something costing much more. I really do think with age you appreciate the thought that has gone in Tina gift rather than the cost.

Firstly no gift list in my opinion can be complete without a Cath Kidston mug.  How on earth can you go wrong with one of these beauties?

I also love notebooks.  A5 or A6 are perfect sizes and I am constantly jotting things down and planning what I need to do for work or this blog.  Right now I am loving this town house note book, this set of 3 notes books and I would love a moleskine book.  This pale grey is a favourite.

I am currently carrying out some renovations at home and although some might feel something for the house isn’t a good present I’m at the stage in life if its something pretty that I like then why not?  A hoover or kitchen appliance would be taking it too far but I see nothing wrong with a snuggly cushion, a tealight holder or some make up bags

Finally jewellery.  Just loving this heart charms from Pandora.  Currently my Pandora bracelet has a purple theme but I would love a few pink coloured charms so I can wear it with other outfits.  I love the heart charm and this pretty heart spacer too.



But most of all what I would like is to spend some quiet time together.  Just us with no interruptions.

What is your ideal valentines celebration like?


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