Top 5 Ways to Embrace Getting Older

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No matter how hard we try to deny it, getting older is inevitable. Year by year, month by month, day by day, and even second by second we are aging, and this fact of life scares some people into wishing they could stop the clock. Many men and women even turn to cosmetic procedures, face lifts, botox, and any new anti-aging trend comes along. They think that this will bring contentment and stop the aging process, and maybe even have hopes to reverse it. But spending hundreds of dollars on face creams and serums or thousands of dollars on surgical procedures won’t bring happiness.

What is so horrible about getting older, anyways, and why does society convince us to do everything we can to prevent it from happening? Many cultures perceive deep wrinkles and many years on earth a sign of wisdom, and the elders of the community deserve the utmost respect. There are plenty of ways to embrace your years on Earth, so why waste precious moments wishing to be young again. Here’s exactly how you can embrace getting older and see the aging process in a brand new light.

Keep your social circle strong and focus on relationships.

Our relationships are arguably the most important aspect of our lives, and maybe even the thing that we live for most. Keep your friends close, and even though keeping strong connections can become difficult as we age, do your best to reach out and stay social, even if this just means an occasional phone call with a close friend. Spend time working on your romantic relationships, and surround yourself with family. With old age often comes grandchildren, so spend as much time with the little ones as possible and spoil them rotten like every grandparent should.

Having grandkids comes with all the positive perks of being a parent, like seeing them grow older and develop a sense of personality – but the best part is it comes with much less responsibility. Once you reach retirement age, chances are you’ll have much more time for enjoyment and social activities, so embrace this. Another perk of social interactions and strong friendships is that it has been proven to keep your mind sharp and your body active. Arrange a monthly gathering with your girlfriends to get out of the house and stay social.

Don’t be embarrassed to need some help from time to time

As we age, it becomes obvious that we can’t do the same things we did as a 25-year-old. It is normal to feel stiff 90% of the time, develop brittle bones, and need some extra help when it comes to physical activities. Don’t be afraid to express this need; there is nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody expects you to have the same energy and agility you once had.
If you are at the stage in life where you need to make modifications to your home, invest in things that will make your everyday life easier. Chances are there are local companies where you can get a stair lift at a good price, get quotes for quick and easy ramp installation, or inquire about bathroom and kitchen modifications to make getting around the house easier on you.

Think positively and stop putting yourself down.

Whoever instilled in our heads that wrinkles, sun spots, and crows’ feet around our eyes is such a horrible thing? Next time you flip through channels on the TV, pay attention to just how many anti-aging commercials you see. You’ll see advertisements for everything from anti-wrinkle cream to botox procedures – it is no wonder we perceive aging as such a horrible process when everything around us says that we should prevent it from happening at all costs. We need to stop doing our best to look younger, and just accept that with age comes wrinkles. Accept this and love yourself, and you’ll live a much happier and fuller life.


Retirement should be a fun time!

Other than having grandchildren, the next best part about getting older is the idea of retiring. At this point you have probably worked years and years of your life, so celebrate your escape from the workforce and embrace freedom. Spend your days doing what you love most in life, and do your best to take on new hobbies or pick up old ones. If you want to take up painting, sign up for a class and see what it is like. If you used to spend your free time playing guitar, but have not found the time to do it in recent years, try to pick it back up.

Some people panic as soon as retirement comes and have no idea how they will spend their days, but the options are endless. One thing to keep in mind is that it is important to develop a normal routine, even if that routine does not include going to work each morning. So wake up early, enjoy your morning cup of coffee, head to a yoga or meditation class, and keep to a regular schedule. You can even search for DIY projects on sites like Pinterest to embrace your artistic side.

Keep in mind that age is just a number

The more years we have spent in this world, the more life experiences we have had. Along with this comes greater awareness of what we want from life, stronger relationships with people we love, and a sense of stability that we may not have felt in our younger years. Consider this to be a blessing rather than a curse, and embrace the years you have had. This will make the years to come all the better.

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