This Was April 2018

April was a very strange month for me, it just seemed to drag on and on for some reason.  It was a busy month with lots going on work wise and personally.  With everything that has gone on healthwise the past 12 months April was very quiet medically and I only had a couple of medical appointments which seemed quite strange having spent most of the past 12 months having at least one appointment every week!

Time With Friends

Working on your own from home really can be quite isolating.  Last month I managed to meet up with friends and have a face to face chat over hot chocolate a couple of times.  I’m hoping this month we will have some sun and the meet ups can be oer an ice cold drink in the sun; well, sat in the shade for me as some of my meds means I have to stay out of the sun as I burn easily.

Lunch At Marco Pierre White’s

In April I went to Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse in Birmingham for his book tour where I had a lovely meal, cocktails and a signed book.

National Tea Day

One of the top days of the year?  All day was spent drinking tea!

Taking Care Of Me

I’m loving that my hair is finely growing back after I was ill last year and most of it fell out.  Sadly I’m at the horrible in between stage of growing it.  I have gone a dark silver colour this month although it does look brunette in most photos, but then when I went lilac in January it looked slightly ginger in photos!

Day in Chester

A day in Chester for some cocktails, shopping and afternoon tea with a friend.  Just what was needed!


I’m busy planning a few things behind the scenes for my blog.  One of them is an email series for a Royal wedding Tea Party.  You can sign up here for FREE recipes and drinks for a tea party.

Home Cooking

I am wanting to start posting on my foodie blog more often which means I need to get back in the kitchen and photographing some meals to accompany the recipes.  This was a chicken pasta dish, the recipe can be found here.

What did your April look like?


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