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I honesty think at some point all our lives we have wanted the perfect smile.  As a child I had too many teeth and at aged 13 I had 4 of my teeth removed quickly followed by a brace.  I hated that brace.  So many times I wanted to take it out and break it and if I’m honest I did actually deliberatly break a couple of times.  but each time I would return to the dentist and a little while later we’d go back and it had been repaired, all perfect for me to wear.  The only thing that made the dreaded brace bearable was the perfect smile waited for me at the end.

Even though I hated every single minute of wearing it my brace was a little different to others, in fact I’ve never seen anybody with one like I had.  It had two hooks on either side around my third teeth on the top and then there was a little white elastic band that was around the hooks.  The idea being the hooks brought my third teeth back to fill the gap where my four teeth had been and the elastic band straightened my two front teeth.  How that little elastic band worked I don’t know but 2 1/2 years later I had perfect straight teeth.

Back then in the 80s there weren’t digital photographs so naturally less photographs were taken with ‘real’ cameras, there was certainly none of these camera phones constantly in everyones hands taking photos of everything in sight.  In a way I’m glad.  I did try and have a look for a photograph of me when I had my brace but every single photo I found at the correct age I have my mouth firmly shut!  There are quite a few pictures of me once my brace had been removed with my teeth on show, just a shame there was that 1980s hair or you would have been treated to a look at my straight teeth!

By the time I reached 20 it was clear I was having trouble with my wisdom teeth and I put up with the pain for a while then at aged 22 finally gave in and had all four removed at the same time.By the time my wisdom teeth were removed I had been diagnosed with crohn’s disease for about 18 months.  I was having great trouble getting my crohns umder control and was bombarded with drug after drug after drug; although they were perfect to help settle my crohns they all had horrid nasty side affects that affected other parts of my body.  The countless courses of high does oral and IV steroids were having a huge impact on my body.

The steroids gave me osteoporosis in my late 20s, this has resulted in issues with my spine, both hips, right knee, both shoulders and right elbow.  The damage caused can’t be reversed but with a two year treatment the osteoporisis has been reversed but with still having courses of steroids some 25 years since diagnosis there is always a possibility the osteoporsis will return.

Not only did the steroids affect my bones they also affected my teeth.  It’s a common side effect of continuous high dose steroids for your teeth to crumble and be much weeker.  I never had a single filling until the age of 24, now I have so many I couldn’t even count them all.  my teeth as so weaked that I actually avoid hard food in fear of breaking them.  Not only have the steroids weaked my teeth they have also discoloured them.  Now I don’t know about you but these tooth whitening toothpastes just make no difference at all.

The weakness and discolouration of my teeth took me back to the 13 year old with a brace and not wanting to show my teeth.  I’ve spoke in length with my dentist on numerous occasions and the only option I am looking at is porcelain veneers or extraction if they do actually break; that really is something that I really don’t want to think about in my 40s.

I’ve researched online how much porcelain veneers would help the issues I have.  I was please to read that the application is pain free, completed in a couple of sessions and how long porcelain veneers last and if I’m honest it may be what is needed for me to have that perfect smile I wished for after those 2 1/2 very long years with the dreaded brace.

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