Marie Curie’s #FeelSuper Fundraising Campaign

This week Superdrug have relaunched their charity campaign #FeelSuper in partnership with Protor And Gamble to raise £500,000 for Marie Curie.  On Tuesday I went to London to the press launch for the campaign which singer Frankie Bridge from The Saturdays is heading.  Until 17 October every purchase of a Proctor And Gamble product from Superdrug will trigger a donation to Marie Curie.

“This is a really special charity which I’ve supported for many years and I’m very excited to be working with Marie Curie again through the #FeelSuper campaign. What I love about the campaign is that it’s so easy to get involved, it’s as simple as buying your everyday essentials from Superdrug, without putting anything over and above what you usually put in your shopping basket.”

Frankie Bridge

Marie Curie is there for people living with terminal illness, and their families.  They offer expert care, guidance and support to help families get the most from the time left together.  Their nurses work day and night, in people’s homes across the UK, providing hands on care and vital emotional support for the whole family.

If you’ve got questions about terminal illness or simply want someone to talk to, call the Marie Curie support line on:

0800 090 2309

The support line gives free confidential support and practical information on all aspects of terminal illness, not just cancer related illnesses.So if you need to stick up on Always, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Oral B, Pampers and Pantene to name just a few.  Look out for the special logo in store.  You can read more about the campaign below.

“As a Marie Curie Nurse, I look after patients who are terminally ill and support their family members and loved ones. I care for people in their own home, providing one-to-one nursing care and emotional support. The money raised from the #FeelSuper campaign helps me to continue to provide this care, so the small purchases people make to support the campaign make a big difference.”

Marie Curie Nurse, Terri Jaggard

You can read more about Marie Curie’s fundraising campaign here.


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