What Would Be Your Dream Impossible Experience?

The New Year often brings new aims for the year, new memories to be made and often new resolutions to be written along with dreams of that one impossible experience.  The New Year is all about aspirations for the future.  I personally try not to specify ‘resolutions’.  there is just something about that word that makes my brain automatically think failure but I can never pin exactly why.point why.  I know personally this year I had a look through my 50 x 50 goals and evaluated them as over the past couple of years some of these goals have become irrelevant for my life as things changed in a way I did not envisage.

When I originally wrote this list, I was cautious to pick items that I thought achievable practically but also financially.  I know I could have listed so many other things if money was no object but I knew that finances would not allow everything I dreamed of doing.  There was also the issue with my health, although I try not to let my chronic illness rule my life then do at time hinder me doing things.  I suffer with mobility issues and also fatigue.  Sadly these two things do hinder my dreams.

I was contacted last week by In To The Blue, an online experience days company and they asked me about my impossible experience.  That one experience that I would love to do if anything was possible.  Straight away my dream trip to Asia sprung to mind.  I looked at this trip for my 40th Birthday but sadly my health did not allow me to go.  I have never been one for ‘package holidays’, 2 weeks lying on a beach is hell to me.  I like adventure, culture and to discover places off the beaten track.

My impossible experience would begin in Singapore with a few days to explore the city.  I would then love to fly to Borneo and see the beautiful orangutans in their natural habitat.

Impossible Experience

From there I would jump on the sleeper train from Singapore to Bangkok; a quiet steady journey seeing the rural countryside along the way through Malaysia in to Thailand.  I would stop for a few nights in Kuala Lumper to take a trip up the Petronas Twin Towers which until 2004 where the tallest buildings in the world.  Jumping back on the sleeper train in to Thailand where I would love to spend sometime in the capital city, Bangkok taking in the Thai food and visiting cultural sites before stepping back in history and taking a train ride to the Bridge over the river Kwai which was built by prisoners of war in WW2.  This part of the trip would have to include an overnight stay on the river and an elephant ride through the jungle.

Impossible Experience

For the final part of my impossible experience I would then love to travel to Myanmar (Burma) to The Golden Triangle to take in the sights of all the temples.  From here I would then travel to Veitnam visiting Ho Chi  Minh City, Hanoi and finishing with a tour around Halong Bay before flying home via Dubai for some luxury shopping.

Impossible Experience

This is my impossible experience because sadly my body just would not allow such an adventure now due to fatigue and mobility issues.  However, I think I could enjoy some short breaks closer to home like the ones here.  In To The Blue are currently running a competition to win a £200 voucher to spend on spend on an experience day you can physically go on. The competition ends on the 28 February and to be with in a chance of winning all you need to do is use your imagination to come up with an experience that you would love to do.  It doesn’t matter how crazy the idea is, how much it costs or  like me whether you could actually complete this activity.  To enter either tweet or comment on In To The Blue’s Facebook page using the hash tag #impossibleexperiences.

What would be your impossible experience if anything was possible?


  • RachelSwirl

    26th February 2017 at 11:54 PM

    Oh wow for me it’d be a simple holiday to Florida which feels financially impossible. I hope you get your dream one day x

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