Five Things To Put A Real Smile On Your Face

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Mondays, why do they come around so quickly?  After a relaxing weekend away from the daily grind of work, well sort of!  why does the post weekend hit so hard?  I’m writing this post for me as much as for you to be honest, as I need to remind myself what makes me happy and gets me ‘back on track’ after some people trying to upset me.  I was chatting earlier today and needing to bing consistency in to my life, bring more fun times and adventures and more of the little things that always bring a smile to my face.  It’s time to reclaim a more structured life back, to putting myself first more often and consistently practising more of the things that make me happy.

I’m startig with these five simple things:

Eat Well

A no-brainer really but I need to be careful what I eat due to chronic illnesses.  I’m waiting for a referal to a specialist hospital ans I have this feeling it will end up with a couple of surgeries.  I’m not jumping up and down and the thought of this but I have accepted that this could happen and if it does I know it will e for the best and my health will grately improve.

Take Time Out

Thi is a big one for me.  I’ve struggled so much the last 12 months ith my health and as I lost work when I was ill last year in hospital, it’s been a hard battle getting back in to the swing of things.  I get so tired very easily and I have now what I’ve named ‘Coma Brain’.  My memory is awful and I end up writing list after list as if I don’t I stuggle to remember things.  I’ve learnt the hard way that overstretching yourself won’t garner the greatest of results and when you’re tired and/or lacking motivation, it will show in your work.

Do Something That Makes You Happy

There was a time when I would do some scrapbooking everyday, no matter what.  this year I can count on one hand how many actual LO’s I have done and that’s still more than I did in the prevous two years combined.  Now I have three months on my own to keep myself out of mischief after my other half has deserted me (I’m joking, he is abroad visiting his daughter from 3 months) I am determined I will get back and scrap at least once a wekk while he is gone.

Switch The Tech Off

A really tricky one for me as I am actually glued to my phone, you understand it can’t ever leave my hand!  But I am going to try putting it down for a good hour before I go to bed and going to bed at a reasonable hour is something I am going to aim for more often.  I’m noT going to be sat at my computer as I am now at 3am in the morning as I can’t sleep!  There has to be something better I can do with my time; please don’t say ironing!

Meet Up with Friends

Nothing beats going out and spending quality time with friends over a simple cup of tea or an evening of amazing food and cocktails.  Just wish I did it more often and some people lived a little closer.

What do you like doing to put a smile on your face?


  • Claire Saul

    22nd August 2019 at 10:17 PM

    Good suggestions and I hope that you don’t mind but I have shared your link on my regular PainPalsBlg feature Midweek Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You, Claire x

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