[AD] We all want to live a healthy and active life and as part of this it is recommended that some form of exercise can help us.  Even the most unfit can change their lifestyles by making a few little changes at a time.  When you are working towards your health and fitness goals you may need some extra advice and motivation from a personal coach.  Here are five reasons why hiring a personal coach can assist you in reaching your fitness goals and maintaining all your hard work:

1. Results – A lot of People work with personal trainers to enable them to reach their fitness goals.  A personal trainer can help you be more effective in your training as they will know the best training exercies that you can do in your home, gym or outside.

2. Goal Setting – It is proven that in order to achieve something or make changes in out lives we need to set realistic goals.  Personal trainers understand the importance of realistic and attainable goal setting and will setr you regualr small targets for you to work on.  Setting small goals ands achieve them will boost your confidence much more than a huge goals that will take months to achieve.  It’s all about the baby steps!

3. Nutritional Guidance – To ensure all the physical training is having the greatest benefit to our bodies it is essential that the foods put in to our bodies are also nutritionaly beneficial.  Fitness goals will never achieve the proper results you want without you working on your nutrition at the same time.  A personal trainer knows the right foods for your body and can help you get the most from your exercise sessions as well as helping you to make the right food choices.

4. Motivation – It can often be very difficult to motivate yourself which is why a personal trainer can help you to achieve your goals more effectively by motivating you to stick to your fitness plan.

5. Exercise Technoques – A personal trainer will guide you on the correct techniques to get the best out of every exercise and session.  They will also assist by teaching you the correct way to carry out an excerise in order to limit physical damage to your body.

We all lead such busy lives and finding a regular fitness class isn’t always possible to fit due to other demands placed on our lives.  At Nuyoo, an online personal trainer subscription, you will be given a personal fitness plan that has been designed specifically for you, taking in your personal needs and goals by Nuyoo’s experienced fitness trainers whilst having the freedom to train at a time that suits you and your family’s lifestyle.  As well as your fitness plan you will also reeive as part of your membership 48 weekly videos, 8 cooking videos and live chat support.  The Nuyoo recipe book contains healthy recipes including skinny fajitas, veggie pizza slices, high protein breakfasts and chocolate energy bites.  The gym training is tailored for both beginners and experienced gym goers and will enable you to get the results you want by tailoring your program around your needs.