How to Reduce Plastic Waste With A Sodastream

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[REVIEW] I’m not sure what it’s like in your house but we get through so many bottles of sparkling water and lemonade. I’m not a fan of water by its self but do understand the benefits of making sure I drink enough water every day. Due to a couple of chronic illnesses, it is essential that I drink plenty of fluids each day and although I could literally drink buckets of tea every day I also know I need to drink plenty of water too.

My go-to drink after tea is sparkling water. Whilst cost and the hassle of shopping for sparkling water when you don’t drive can be a hassle there is also the environmental impact by the number of plastic bottles we use each week. We do recycle but I often think there has to be a better solution as recycling still has an environmental effect on the planet.

Recycling a single plastic bottle will save enough energy to power a lightbulb for three hours or more. By reusing bottles even more energy is saved which can only be positive for the environment. However, the best solution is not using those bottles in the first place. There are over 330 million tonnes of single-use plastic produced annually and for the future of our planet, we need to reduce this figure drastically.

One solution to reduce our use of single-use plastic bottles is to make our own soda water which can easily be done with a SodaStream.

This eco-friendly appliance turns tap water into sparkling in seconds, reducing the average household plastic bottle intake and a SodaStream can also provide a healthy alternative to sugary fizzy drinks as you can infuse your sparkling water with natural fruit.

The gas canisters are really easy to fit and even with rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers and wrists, it was very easy for me to insert the gas canister and then simply clip the back panel back on to the SodaStream.

Once the gas canister has been fitted it is simply a case of filling the water bottle up to the printed line and then placing the bottle in the SodaStream and pressing the button on the top. You can make the water as fizzy as you like depending upon how many times you press the button.

The soda water can then be drank as it is or you can add one of the many flavours that SodaStream makes. My SodaStream came with organic ginger ale and organic blueberry and lime.

We loved the ease of making our own sparkling water quite literally at the touch of a button and know the SodaStream will help us to reduce our use of single-use plastic bottles. The ginger ale and blueberry and lime flavours were delicious.

I was a teenager in the late 80s and remember having a SodaStream and using the SodaStream just brought the memories flooding back, some good and not so good (just think perms and leg warmers!). But know the SodaStream has me thinking about what else I can use the sparkling water for. Let’s just say Christmas cocktails are coming to mind. Just watch this space!

In order to carry out this review, SodaStream sent me a Spirit Hydration SodaStream.

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