Christmas Food; Perfectly Timed Christmas Dinner

One of the most stressful things about Christmas is cooking the Christmas dinner.  Getting everything cooked perfectly at the same time; the turkey, the roast potatoes, the sprouts, the stuffing.  The list goes on and on.  Let’s face it, we all want everything perfect and piping hot when Christmas dinner is served. The lovely people over at Hello fresh have cleverly done all the timings for you!  What could be simpler than following their perfectly timed plan to have the perfect family Christmas dinner?  All you need to do is pop over to their Christmas Dinner page and sign up and their plan will wing it’s way in to your email box.

There website is packed with lovely festive recipes to try out over the festive period.  One lovely recipe are these jam cookies, ideal when the kids have had enough of their new presents and are ‘bored’.  A great family activity baking cookies and then enjoying them for a supper snack with the whole family drinking hot chocolate while watching a festive film.  When it comes to a Christmas or a New Year party these canapes are easy to make and will wow your guests.

We all know once the turkey is finally finished we want something completely different to eat.  Hello fresh can help to make your meals quick and easy to produce which all the family will enjoy.  Hello Fresh kindly sent us a 3 meal food box and we have absolutely loved the recipes.  The ingredients are all fresh with a long BBD on them meaning you can plan the meals over the following week to fit around your family’s social, school and work times.

We all loved the Seafood Linguine and the sausage chili with homemade tortilla chips was delicious and made a change from the usual beef chili.  There were 2 tins of kidney beans included but as none of us like kidney beans we didn’t add them.  The sausage chili was such a hit, seconds were asked for!  All we had to add was oil, salt and pepper.  All other ingredients were included in the box.

Hello Fresh’s food box really made our evening meals so easy to prepare and were full of flavour.  There is also a vegetarian box available.  The boxes can be purchased for 2, 3 or 4 people and 3 or 4 meals.  The fridge fresh ingredients are sent with mini ice packs in a cool bag and despite being on an ordinary courier van (not chilled) the meat and fridge ingredients were very cold and the ice packs had not started to melt.


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