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What can I say about Sally Lunn’s? Well, let me start by saying they make the most amazing breakfasts. Sally Lunns is one of the oldest houses in Bath and is much more than the world-famous tea and eating house. Sally Lunn created the first Bath Bunn which are still made today and form part of every item on their extensive menu.

The historic building is one of the oldest houses in the city and as well as the tea rooms also houses the Sally Lunn Museum. The kitchen museum is believed to originally have been the bakery of the young Sally where she created and baked the regional speciality now known the world over.

It is believed that in 1680 ‘Sally Lunn’, originally escaping persecution in France. She changed her name, Solange Luyon due to people unable to pronounce her French name. Sally began work in this very bakery on Lilliput Alley and sold the baker’s wares from a basket in the lanes around Bath Abbey. Sally began baking a rich, generous brioche bun similar to the French festival bread that she would have baked in France. this bunn became the Sally Lunn bun still baked daily today in the same bakery.

The tea room is tastefully decorated in as a Georgian tearoom would have been. I ordered a lovely loose leaf breakfast tea that was strong and served in a lovely teapot just like any good tea should be.

The buns served at Sally Lunn’s are a large brioche-style treats, served either sweet or savoury. The breakfast bun was lightly toasted and topped with sausage, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, and a fried egg.

It was amazing. It did have a hint of sweetness like a brioche bun but at the same time tasted very similar to an oven bottom muffin. It was a very filling breakfast and a perfect start to my birthday!

Whether topped with sweet or savoury topping, the Bath bun is delicious! Next time I’m in Bath I will certainly be trying their afternoon tea.

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