Not Just Bread; 5 Other Foods To Make In A Bread Maker

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[AD] Bread makers are such a versatile kitchen gadget as they aren’t just for making bread.  There are many other foods you can use bread makers for.  Bread makers is like two machines in one as they have the ability to mix ingredients together and also to cook them.  When you think of bread makers you typically think of loaves of bread but with a little bit of imagination, there are many other meals you could make with your bread makers.  Here are 5 other foods to make in a bread maker as well as your favourite loaf:


Doughnuts are so easy to make with a bread maker.  Most people will have the majority of the ingredients needed already like flour, sugar, egg, butter. You will also need some yeast and a deep-fryer. Simply place all the ingredients in your bread maker and using the mixing and proving mode only you will have a nicely risen dough that you can cut out, deep fry in oil and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Your Family will definitely be impressed with fresh, hot, homemade doughnuts.

Pizza Dough

Making pizza dough with your bread maker is easy and what is better than homemade pizza topped with your family favourites.  It is also an easy way to make pizza if you have someone who is gluton interolorate as you can be certain no gluton will have accidently been used.  By making your own pizza dough you can also experiment and make flavourful dough with any number of different oils and herbs, giving your pizza that extra kick of flavor that makes home-cooking all worth it.  Place all the ingredients into the bread machine and allow it to do all the hard work for you.  When the dough is ready roll out in to individual pizza or a family sized one and add your favourite topping before cooking in the oven.  Making your own pizza isd also a great way to start your children learning how to cook.

Macaroni & Cheese

Bread makers are also ideal for using as a substitute for a slow cooker meaning you can also cook a number of savoury dishes too.  Making macaroni cheese is easy and means your favourite comfort food can easily be cooked in your bread maker. Experiment by adding some bacon or maybe a little chilli to spice things up a little.


Risotto’s can be very time consuming if they are done right but with the sid of a bread macker they can be made with inimum effort.  A bread maker can mix constantly amking it the perfect kitchen gadget for making a tender, creamy risotto.


How about making a homemade loaf and then spreading youe own homemade jam.  Sounds pefect for a Saturday morning lazy breakfast!  Jam is essentially sugar and fruit cooked until the essential setting point of 105 degrees is reached.  Your bread maker will easilyt heat your jam to this temperature quite quickly.

As you can see a bread maker is essentially a mini oven with a built in mixer and can be used for much more than baking a loaf of bread. If you use your imagination, think outside the box and experiment your break maker could end up being your most kitchen gadget.


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