What A Difference Two Years Makes

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[AD] Things really can change in two years. When I see that photograph above I realise how much things really have changed for me. In May 2017 I had a kidney infection that quickly turned in to sepsis and I went into a coma. Scroll forward 6 weeks and I was on my way home so weak and quite ill after having an allergic reaction to the penicillin and then my immune system crashing.

My hair had started to fall out in chunks whilst in hospital but this wasn’t really noticeable. After a few weeks with the help of my hairdresser, I made the decision to have my hair cut short, very short but despite this, my hair kept on falling out and it became more and more noticeable.

My hair continued to fall out even more over the next few weeks until 2 years ago my hair ended up looking like this:

I know it is vain but it was so hard to accept my I was losing my hair and even harder to accept there was nothing I could do about it. People stared at me constantly and I even had complete strangers commenting about the hair loss.

After talking the situation through with my hairdresser about what I could do to hide the fact my hair was falling out, even discussing wigs, I decided to try Nanogen keratin hair fibres. Nanogen is a unisex retailer of hair fibres that you sprinkle on to your hair and give natural looking stunning visible results you can see in an instant.

The hair fibres looked like I had hair and quickly covered the bare patches I had and suddenly I felt more confident and people stopped staring. It is so hard to explain how your hair thinning can knock your confidence so much.

Fast forward two years and my hair is now growing back. I still have lots of new hairs growing all the time and I quite a few inch-long hairs around my forehead just starting to come back even now. My health is much better than it was ut it still isn’t right but I now know that if my health suffers again and my hair starts to fall out there is a product available to help hide my thinning hair.


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