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I don’t know about you but 90% of the time I live in jeans and a casual top.  Working from home means I don’t have to have a wardrobe of office wear and it’s so lovely to work with comfy clothes on after spending many years with smart office wear.  Having said that it doesn’t mean I want to always hang around in a plain t-shirt.  Trying to purchase plus sized tops on the high street can sometimes be a drag.  I’m quite tall as well as being plus size on my top half, thanks to mother nature! and often find some plus sized tops are not falling at all.  I’m not a fan of tight clothes but that doesn’t mean I want my clothes to have no shape at all.

I will admit I am a fan of black clothes as I feel they suit my colouring better than really bright tops.  Sadly plus sized tops are getting harder and harder to find on the high street as so many of the stores are closing and are now just online.  However, one shop that still stocks their plus-sized range in their stores is Quiz Clothing which has a store in my local shopping centre.  I pop in quite often and love their range of plus sized tops, evening dresses as well as being a huge fan of their sparkly evening shoes/sandles.  I *may own a few pairs!  I have alway found quiz clothing to be a great fit and flattering cuts at a really affordable price.

Quiz Plus sized tops

My favourite colour has always been yellow.  As a child everything I owned had to be yellow, in fact my first car was yellow!  But as I got older I realised yellow really wasn’t my colour but I could wear clothes with a splash of yellow.  This yellow flower top has the perfect pattern for me as the yellow pops out from the black and doesn’t over power it.   I just love thsi style and quite a few tops I own ore of a similar style to this.

Quiz Plus sized tops

I’m not really  fan of sleeveless clothes as I like my shoulders covered.  I’m loving this blue top, to add a little colour instead of my usual choice of black and the sleeves are very flattering if you want to cover your shoulder or upper arms.

Quiz Plus sized tops

I’ve always fely more comfortable in tops with higher necklines but having purchased Quiz plus sized tops and evening dresses before I find their necklines although lower than I would normally wear just right.  This v neckline top with the peplum bottom and cap sleeves is perfect to dress up a pair of jeans on a night out.

What style tops do you usually wear?

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