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[AD] The nights are colder, the days are shorter, and our jumpers are thicker… It can only mean one thing; winter is in full force. And, with every new season comes a change in fashion trends. It presents all of us with the excuse to update our wardrobe with the latest looks and styles. As we make waves into 2020, a big part of fashion revolves around the utilization of different accessories. Clothes take the back seat because our main concern is being warm and comfortable. However, accessories take the main role as we allow our personality and style to shine through with carefully selected pieces. 

There are lots of great accessory trends, which have emerged this season. First and foremost, let’s begin with the latest jewellery styles. A new and electric fashion which has taken the trend-setting world by storm is that of ear cuffs. These provide a quirky and individual alternative to a pair of earrings. They are worn on one ear typically, and they cover the outside of your entire ear, rather than dangling down from your lobe. This is something which is very bold and has been emulated by a lot of celebrities as of late, such as pop star Kesha. If this is something which is not for you then you should consider the prospect of a statement ring as an alternative. From nipple piercing jewellery to rings; it really is all about making a statement this year. A statement ring simply means something which is bold and eye-catching. At present, owls or crosses are the most popular types to go for. Moreover, rings which go across several fingers rather than just one are also extremely fashionable. 

Aside from jewellery, there are also new trends with regards to handbags. It is very much the case of the bigger the better when it comes to winter handbags. There are lots of different styles of bags you can choose from. Satchels are very much a popular option because they are stylish and sophisticated. They provide the perfect piece for office wear but they are also good when it comes to adding a glamorous edge to a casual outfit. A final point worth noting when looking for bags is that burgundy is an excellent colour to go for this season. It is versatile without being boring.

And finally, the last trend in this article to contemplate is that of hair accessories. These are something that has very much come back into style this year. During the summer it was all the craze to wear flowers and pretty hairbands in your hair. However, when it comes to winter something more quirky takes charge; feathers. You can get some great hair grips with a selection of feathers attached. These look extremely stylish and earthy. Moreover, they coincide with another popular trend; tribal. 

There are some fantastic trends out there for you to rock this season with regards to fashion accessories. Statement rings, feather hair clips, big satchel handbags and ear cuffs are four of the most popular winter 2020 looks.  The only question is; which one will you be sporting?

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