Everyday Make Up 

I’ve never been one of these people who ‘trowels’ their make up on.  Unlike teenage girls today I didn’t really get in to make up until I’d left school.  A little eyeliner and lipgloss before then but I cleanly didn’t have a fun face of make up whilst at school.  To be honest it wasn’t until I was at University that I started wearing foundation.  I suppose I was blessed and didn’t go through the normal acne phase.

In my forties now I still have a minimalist look about  my everyday make up.  I really don’t have drawers and drawers of make up either but prefer to spend on quality items than give good courage and suit my skin.  After all make up has a limited life before it should be desposed of.

For foundation I love Clinique.  I don’t need or like a heavy foundation and this is light enough to last me all day.

I’ve always set my foundation with a No 7 translucent powder.  I believe as well as good quality make up then the tools you use to apply it should be the best that you can afford.  I always apply foundation, little colour corrective cream and concealer with a beauty blender.  I prefer the original branded beauty blender as I find it works much better and lasts longer than the cheaper alternatives.

Next up is eye shadow and mascara.  I’m a huge fan on Urban Decay Naked palettes.  My favourites for every day are the original Naked Smokey Palette (I use the paler shades during the day) and the Naked 3.  My favourite mascara is also an Urban Decay product; Perversion.

Eyebrows have a little fill in using the Benefit Brow Shaping Kit.  When it comes to blusher I like to wear a pink coloured blush and one that it doesn’t sparkle too much.  I very rarely wear highlighter during the day.  My go to blusher right now is from Kiko Milano.

For lipsticks I tend to go for a nude ahead 99% of the time.  I own many nude lipsticks and my daily choice usually depends which one I pick up first.  It’s that simple.

Everyday Make Up

What is your everyday make up routine?  Do you ever go outside without make or are you someone who never leaves the house not even for the school run unless you are fully made up?


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