Benefit Brow Shaping Kit

Eye brows. They’re funny things really but get their shape wrong and you will know all about it. I’ll be honest I’m useless at getting a good shape and always have them professionally done. My preferred choice is threading. I think it gives a neater shape for me and I think it hurts less.

I’ll let you in to a little secret. I’m not a natural blonde which means I have quite dark eye brows but the ends aren’t quite dark. This means they look quite uneven. I’m not a fan of drawn on slugs. I really don’t like this look at all. I very much prefer the natural make up look. A strong eye, a little blush and a nude lip. I’m certainly not a really smokey eye and red lipstick girl. I never have been.  My preferred eye brow kit is a powder. After trying most counters in my local department store, I settled on the bros shaping kit from benefit. The colour (light) seemed the most natural and even on a Saturday afternoon the girls on the counter were so helpful. I just couldn’t have faulted my experience.

benefit eye brow palette

The brow zing kit cost £24.50 and will last forever!

What would my top tip be for buying brow products? Go and visit the beauty counters and try out different products and take time before you buy a product. Make sure you feel comfortable. I know one counter wanted me to have slugs above my eyes. This was just not me, I looked like a clown in my opinion and it  just didn’t go with the natural look that I prefer.

eye brow palette

By no means am I an expert when it comes to make but what I do know is to take advantage of the knowledge of the ladies on the beauty counters and try a number of options before you buy. But try them for the day to see if you like the look and also to check if the product likes you. Then go back another day to buy the product. Ask for tips how to apply the products then go home and practice, practice and practice.