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Earlier on this year when I wasn’t well and my immune system crashed for some unknown reason it had the effect of my body shutting down; this meant my organs were beginning to not work and as a result I am very very lucky to be here today.  Things were that serious.  After I had been to theatre to have a central line fitted I was taken to the isolation unit on the cancer ward.  My immune system has go so low I was vulnerable and the slightest bug or germ could kill me.  It wasn’t a nice place to be but I was looked after so well.  But then my hair started to fall out, fall out in big clumps.  I went in the space of days from having think long hair to very noticeable bald patches and the rest was very thin.

When I came out of the hospital, I went for a hairdressers appointment and just cried.  My hairdresser is lovely and despite her kind words I knew my only choice was to cut my hair short.  It was cut in to a bob about an inch below my ears.  It was such a shock but it did make it look a little thinner.  Over the next two months my hair carried on falling out but there was little bits starting to ‘sprout’.  By the beginning of September, it was cut even shorter; this time to less than 2 inches long.  Just take a look at the picture at the top of my sidebar.  Although some had started to grow back there were still bald patches on my head and it was noticeable and made me feel very conscious.



My hair dresser suggested a wig.  I’ll be honest this suggestion shocked me a little.  I never thought I would ever contemplate a wig.  My hair had always been very thick despite all the bleaching and colouring I had thrown at it over the years.  I guess where my hair had been concerned I was very lucky.

I’ll be honest although I haven’t got any bald patches now my hair is extremely short.  Despite people saying over and over to me that short hair suits me, I just can’t get my head around it being this short.  I feel exposed and I know it is going to take a few years to grow it back to length it was before.  The thought of those awkward in between hair styles fills me with dread!  I think perhaps a wig would be nice for special nights out too; to have long hair again and I know it sounds stupid but to cover my shoulders and perhaps hide behind a little so I’m not feeling so exposed to the world and lets face it, will all like a boost to our confidence and nothing can be easier than adding a wig.

A lace front wig would be an ideal solution to the awkward growing out style.  Let’s face it there is never a hair style that speaks good growing out style when your hair is as short as mine is now!  I’m loving the idea of being able to jump out of bed, shower, without washing my hair, getting dressed and popping on a wig to hid the dreaded bed head which looks oh so bad when you have short hair with a double crown as there is always these two little tufts of hair fighting against each other to lie flat.  The advantage of lace front wigs is that the front of the wig will hide your natural hairline meaning you will always look your best with limited effort.  There are many different type of laced front wigs and hairstyles available meaning that you can easily find a laced front wig that defines your personality and unique style and they are so easy to look after and care for.

Have you ever thought of buying a wig to glam up your style for special occasions or as an everyday piece if you have naturally thin hair or health complications?


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