4 Top Vape Pens for Newbie Vapers

As a newbie vaper, it’s hard to pick the right vape pen to suit the needs of your usual smoking habits. Some vape pens are too bulky and hard to transport, whereas others are just simply too difficult to use for newbie vapers. Luckily for you, though, there are already multiple vape pens on the market that are hugely popular among newbie vapers, and some of those are outlined below.

Juul Vaper

The Juul Vaper isn’t just perfect for first-time users, it’s also got a knack for keeping even the most experienced vapers on their toes. The vape pen itself is close to the size of a typical cigarette, so the habits of smoking are as close to real as they get. Although the starter kit is very simple and doesn’t have much in terms of features, it makes it the perfect pen to take vapers from newbie to experienced.

The whole idea of the Juul Vaper was to offer something simple, portable, and easy to get out of the pocket to have a puff whenever it’s required. The size of the Juul guarantees simplicity, portability, and ease of use from a device that’s not much bigger than a standard USB stick. The Juul offers a different management experience than many of the other vape pen devices out there. This one relies on flavor pods instead of bottles of liquid that can sometimes get messy. In conclusion, the Juul Vaper should be considered if you’re a first-timer looking for an excellent vaping experience in a simple and easy to use design – look at this Juul Vape Pen review by Vaping360 for your own peace of mind.

Halo Triton II

The Halo Triton II was primarily designed for the average newbie thanks to its simple and easy to use vaping structure. However, more advanced users are looking towards the Halo Triton as the answer to their vaping needs. With just a couple of simple features that can help both newbies and experienced vapers occupy themselves, and with a compact design that makes inhaling easy, the Halo Triton II is now one of the most popular newbie-safe devices on the market. It’s very much a basic design that holds the same structure as some of the other vape pens on the market, but it’s the simplicity and great inside technology that’s propelling the Halo Triton II to the top.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3

Of course, even newbies need something with a bit more power from time to time, and they can get that with the Vapour2 PRO Series 3. This vape pen is up there with the best not only because it’s slim and can help take the edge off for those craving for a smoke, but it’s up there because it has the tech some of the others on the market do not have. Power is predominantly why this vape pen is well-known. The power mixed with the technology it possesses is perfect for those that have been smoking for a long time and are looking to reduce their nicotine intake. The Vapour2 PRO Series 3 can help vaporize loose leaves and wax so those with cravings for more have an excellent device at their disposal.

Yocan Magneto

The compact, easy to use Yocan Magneto takes advantage of magnetic technology to better the management experience for newbie vapers. Other pens on the market rely on threads and tightening materials to hold together their devices and glass tanks. However, the Yocan Magneto makes this easy with magnetics and thus, a lot less messy when filling up.

The device itself is one of the smallest in the industry which makes it very easy to hold, inhale from, and to transport from one location to another without it taking up too much space. This device is especially powerful thanks to its 1100 mAh battery pack and life, which is guaranteed to give any extreme smoker the best kick they’ve had in a long time.

With more and more vape pens making their way onto the market, it’s becoming much harder for newbie vapers to choose a product that suits their smoking lifestyles. However, by considering the above vape pens, you can ensure you’re getting a quality product that’s not only easy to use, but also powerful enough to entertain those with higher smoking cravings than others.


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