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Christmas is getting more expensive and extravagant each year; people compete with their Christmas trees,, parties, cakes, lights and decorations. However, at the same time, people are increasingly opting for personalised, handmade, bespoke gifts, gifts which are locally sourced, exclusive and bought or made with love and some thought.

It seems more than ever that there are more people to buy for as family grow or blend, new partners appear, children and grandchildren, step-families, then there are the teachers you have to consider – it’s almost worth getting one of those Teacher jobs for the number of presents they get.

So to kill two birds with one stone, why not save money and add the personal touch to your gifts this year by getting crafty and making your own. Here are a few ideas which are easy and will be very much appreciated.

Cookie Mix In Jars

Very trendy now and again very easy to do. All you need to do is put the ingredients for cookies in a jar – layer it nicely and decorate the jar, and you have a lovely cute gift. There are tonnes of recipes and doesn’t even have to be cookies; this idea works for all sorts, it could be cupcakes or brownies or whatever else you fancy.

Prosecco Truffle

Easy to make and perfect for any chocolate and prosecco lover, these truffles will go down a treat. You can pop them in a lovely little box with some nice tissue paper, and it will be better than any of those fancy chocolate shops which you’d pay a fortune for.


Pretty Pincushions

An oldie but goodie – people always need pincushions, and you can make such beautiful ones so quickly. You could even get some lovely pins to go with.


Christmas Crackers

Not strictly a gift, but they could be as you’re making your own you can put whatever you like in them. You only need a few empty toilet rolls and some nice paper, and you’re away. This video from Boots shows you how to make them, and here they are putting beauty products inside which is a great idea.  


Christmas Eve Box

Something else that’s become a new trend in the past couple of years is a Christmas Eve Box. You can pay as little or as much as you like for them as there are no rules but making one is far more exciting and the person you’re giving it to will get precisely what they want. Fill them with other homemade items or a pair of Christmas Pyjamas and socks, a Christmas movie to watch on Christmas Eve. The ideas are endless.


Vintage Bookmarks

Vintage bookmarks can be so pretty and perfect for any book lover. Personalise with fabric that they will love and there you have it! Something they will treasure forever.


You could even make a few or all of these ideas and put them all in one for a DIY Christmas hamper! What’s not to love?

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