• How Calendars Enhance A Business

    26th October 2018

    Whether it’s on your desk, on the office wall or hanging at home, a work calendar is an effective reminder of business or organisation. From foamex signs to brochures, there are many promotional materials that help promote a brand. But can a company calendar truly improve the success and development of your company as well…

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  • Career Mistakes To Avoid

    2nd October 2018

    One error is all it takes to throw your career off track. This does not merely refer to making the sort of mistake that could see you overlooked in the workplace or, even worse, lose your position. It also relates to mistakes that jeopardise your professional happiness. After all, your career is not just about…

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  • 5 Actions To Take To Build Your Dream Life

    24th September 2018

    Over the past 18 months I have seen that there are so many things going on in my life that needed to change.  I’m aware some of these things are out of my hands and no matter what I say or do, I con’t control the actions of some people.  I’ll admit, it baffles me…

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  • The Lonely Aspects Of Working From Home

    19th September 2018

    Up until nearly 6 years ago I worked in an office.  I’d been an office worker since I left University after my Master’s Degree and joined the Civil Service.  I always used to think about how lovely it would be to work from home and not leave the house at 6am every morning to get…

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  • How To Advance Your Career While While Working Full-Time

    17th September 2018

    The chances are that when you first landed your current role you were over the moon. You had probably just left school or graduated from university and the concept of having a career and bringing home an income was an exciting one. However, now that a few years have passed, you’re no longer as keen…

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  • 2018 Life And Blog Goals; 6 Month Update

    25th June 2018

    Life goals….what can I say?  Last year and the year before I made both life and work goals but Google says a post needs to be a minimum of 300 words for it to be picked up in search engines and my life goals after the previous 2 years were ‘survive’. One little word. Which…

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  • How I Organise My Days Working From Home

    19th June 2018

    It can be quite isolating working from home.  Quite often I don’t physically speak to anybody all day.  I may email, message people on social media and text but it’s just not the same as talking to a real person face to face.  I also find there can be many distractions as you don’t have…

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  • Pursuing Your Career While Travelling

    7th June 2018

    If you intend to travel long-term, and yet still manage to pursue your career, you will need to make sure that you are thinking about how you can manage that. The truth is that both of these disparate ends can be achieved together, but you need to be clever about it and make sure that…

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