• Work-At-Home Habits That Are Bad For You And Your Productivity

    2nd January 2020

    Source [AD] Working from home is a lot more challenging than anyone expects it to be at first. Working and living outside the constraints of the regular office environment is freeing, but it also makes it easy to slip into habits that you might never fall into otherwise. Here are some of those habits and…

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  • Here are some Highly Effective Stress Relievers

    31st December 2019

    Source [AD] Stress really is part of life, and although you are unable to control your situation, you can almost certainly control how you react to it. When stress becomes overwhelming, it can really take its toll on your wellbeing and for this reason, it helps to have some great stress relievers so that you…

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  • Have A Healthy Lifestyle While Earning An Income

    27th November 2019

    Source [AD] The fitness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries there is in the world. Some of the key areas include min-body, healthy eating, wellness, nutrition, and weight loss. There’s definitely no signs of it slowing down either. People in the fitness sectors are experts at engaging their customers and meeting their lifestyle needs.…

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  • Why Re-use and Refurbished Smartphones Might be the Key to a Circular Economy Shift for E-waste?

    21st November 2019

    Source [AD] It’s hard to understate the importance of technology in our increasingly modern world. From the ease of navigation and communication given to us by smartphones and personal computing devices to the convenience of tech in the home with smart home devices and robot vacuums, tech infiltrates almost every aspect of our lives. But…

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  • Clever Ways To Protect Your Business Finances

    20th November 2019

    Source [AD] Being an entrepreneur is a huge responsibility. While there are many great rewards to earn, both emotionally and financially, running a business isn’t easy. Many ventures fail within a year, simply because the owners didn’t take them seriously enough. Getting rich isn’t a good reason to start a business. After all, when times…

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  • Should Partners Have Separate Or Joint Accounts?

    15th November 2019

    Source [Collaborative Post] When it comes to deciding whether to share a bank account with your significant other — there’s no wrong or right answer. While your friends and family might have different opinions on separate and joint finances, it’s important to decide what is right for you two as a couple, rather than listen…

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  • When and Why do You Ovulate?

    26th October 2019

    Source [AD] Ovulation is one of the most important events for a woman’s health. It’s ovulation that is the reason for the menstrual cycle – the first half is your body preparing to ovulate, and the second half is the consequences: either fertilisation and pregnancy or ‘resetting’ ready for the following cycle. It’s important to…

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  • Making Your Business A Safe And Secure Place To Be

    22nd September 2019

    [AD] Business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure their business premises are safe and secure for both employees and visitors to their premises. the first step is to carry out a risk assessment of the premises. Firstly you need to identify all the hazards such as: Possible slips and trips Hazards from electrical equipment…

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