• Spring Break At The Castle Hotel, Conwy

    20th June 2018

    Last week I wrote about our trip to Llandudno that we had taken a while back. We had four days away in North Wales and made the most of things. We actually stayed in Conwy, in a lovely hotel I have stayed at three times now.  All the rooms are decorated in their own individual…

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  • Spring Visit To York

    11th June 2018

    This seems like ages ago now but it was only back in March that I went away for a few days to York.  I’ve been to York so many times both as an adult and a child and I have always loved the city.  This time the visit was all about the food!  Three days…

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  • Tips For The Perfect Summer

    8th June 2018

    Why spend a fortune on a holiday abroad when you can have a perfectly wonderful time at home? Not only will you save yourself some money, but you won’t have to endure the terrible mistakes that many travellers make at this time of year. Forgotten passports? Falling prey to tourist scams? You can avoid all of…

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  • Pursuing Your Career While Travelling

    7th June 2018

    If you intend to travel long-term, and yet still manage to pursue your career, you will need to make sure that you are thinking about how you can manage that. The truth is that both of these disparate ends can be achieved together, but you need to be clever about it and make sure that…

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  • 5 Easy Mistakes Travellers Make And How To Avoid Them

    6th June 2018

    Travelling is so fun and exhilarating, and I always look to get the most out of it. There is so much wonder and beauty beyond our shores, and we owe it to ourselves to enjoy and experience it. There is so much opportunity awaiting us just a plane ride away. But, all travellers make mistakes…

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  • European Road Trip Plans; France

    4th June 2018

    Back in 2011, my brother got married in Lithuania and as the wedding was taking place at the beginning of August, we decided to add on a few more destinations to our month-long journey around Europe after the wedding.  Me being me, as you can see from above, spent the whole 4 weeks in a…

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  • 5 Must See Places In Majorca

    25th May 2018

      Source When deciding on where to go on your well-deserved summer holiday as a family, one place to consider is Majorca. As well as it’s sandy beaches and poolside entertainment there are numerous places to explore on the Balearic island making Majorca a great destination for families. From all-inclusive resorts to self-catering villas Majorca holiday…

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  • 5 Reasons To Visit Phoenix, Arizona

    17th April 2018

    When you think of visiting the US, what springs to mind? Odds are you’re probably thinking about New York, California or Florida, right? There are some truly amazing destinations in the US that could offer more than you know, and Phoenix, Arizona is certainly one of them. As America’s fifth largest city, it has plenty…

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