The lovely people at Adagio Teas recently contacted me and asked if I would like to try some of their black loose tea.  Being a huge tea fan I jumped at the chance.  What was delivered to me was a huge surprise.  They very kindly sent me 18 packets of tea, a pack of paper tea filters, a ingenuitea pot and a glass mug and infuser.  Both perfect for making a lovely brew using loose leaf teas. The black teas come is a variety of blends such as English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast (sorry these are the ones… View Post

Source Did you know that there are over 3,000 types of teas? Yep, that’s a whole lot of tea out there! As there are so many different kinds for you to try, you don’t want to waste any time on varieties that don’t suit your taste buds. That’s where these tasting notes come in. In this blog post, I’ve listed some of the most common types of tea and the various flavours that come through when you drink them. That way, you will know which teas you should steer clear of! Black Tea Black tea is by far the most… View Post

It’s time for another Tea Adventures from another blogger.  this week the guest post is from Nicole Evans. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, but my sister and I are in Texas; our idea of drinking tea is a tad bit different than that of my host, Candace. I was offered to write a guest post about my experiences with tea, so I’ll start there and then work my way up to the wonderful and exciting experience my sister and I shared in the day we had tea. TEXAS TEA In Texas, we like our tea in a… View Post

This week’s tea adventures is from Gemma who blogs at Wheel Escapades.  Like Gemma I’ve too be served some very questionable cups of ‘tea’ and I’m very set in my ways how I drink my tea. I am an avid tea drinker. By this I mean I really love drinking tea. It’s the first thing I do every morning. Partly routine I’m sure, but mostly out of comfort and to prepare me for the world. What I know is I’m not best to be around too many people until I’ve done this ritual. Throughout the day, depending on where I… View Post

Today I’d like to introduce you to Claire who is guest posting about her tea drinking in a crisis. It’s probably because I’m British, but I have an unwritten rule that no guest should make it more than a couple of steps into my house without being offered a cup of tea or coffee. Having visitors isn’t the only scenario that sends me straight to the kitchen to put the kettle on either. If I’ve got a morning of writing ahead of me, it can’t begin without a mug on the desk. If a friend receives bad news, I’ll offer… View Post

Today I am bringing you another bloggers tea adventures.  This is Sheryl who also has a love for coffee. After months of living in a hospital, you learn to appreciate the mundaneness of certain everyday routines. For example, I see my shower every night as daily luxury. A symbolic washing away of the day’s dirt, and feeling like a new person upon stepping out. So it is with consuming certain liquids. I am both a tea and coffee drinker, but their symbolic similarities end in their liquid states. Coffee is my morning delight, a welcoming boost of clarity, a yang… View Post

Today I am bringing you another guest post about tea.  This time Erica talks about a favourite tea of hers: Moroccan Mint Tea and how easily mint can be grown at home. For a while now Moroccan mint tea has been my favourite tea. I usually treat myself to it in a café I go to regularly, but it’s actually pretty easy to make at home. Growing your own mint is easy because the plant can be a bit of a thug. It’s best to find a contained bed or a pot to grow it in, so it doesn’t get… View Post