• Tea for Two, and Two for Tea

    15th September 2017

    It’s time for another Tea Adventures from another blogger.  this week the guest post is from Nicole Evans. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, but my sister and I are in Texas; our idea of drinking tea is a tad bit different than that of my host, Candace. I was offered to write…

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  • What Does Tea Mean To Me?

    1st September 2017

    This week’s tea adventures is from Gemma who blogs at Wheel Escapades.  Like Gemma I’ve too be served some very questionable cups of ‘tea’ and I’m very set in my ways how I drink my tea.   I am an avid tea drinker. By this I mean I really love drinking tea. It’s the first…

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  • Tea Adventures: Tea In A Crisis

    18th August 2017

    Today I’d like to introduce you to Claire who is guest posting about her tea drinking in a crisis. It’s probably because I’m British, but I have an unwritten rule that no guest should make it more than a couple of steps into my house without being offered a cup of tea or coffee. Having…

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  • Tea Adventures; Coffee and Tea: Yin and Yang

    4th August 2017

    Today I am bringing you another bloggers tea adventures.  This is Sheryl who also has a love for coffee. After months of living in a hospital, you learn to appreciate the mundaneness of certain everyday routines. For example, I see my shower every night as daily luxury. A symbolic washing away of the day’s dirt,…

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  • Tea Adventures; Moroccan Mint Tea

    19th July 2017

    Today I am bringing you another guest post about tea.  This time Erica talks about a favourite tea of hers: Moroccan Mint Tea and how easily mint can be grown at home. For a while now Moroccan mint tea has been my favourite tea. I usually treat myself to it in a café I go…

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  • Tea Adventures; Drinking Tea With Mum

    7th July 2017

    As I’m sure regular reader will know by now I love tea. It really is my favourite drink and I just can’t get enough. I have to drink at least 6 mugs a day and by mugs I mean huge Cath Kidston Mugs mugs.  It seems I’m not alone with a love for tea. Emma at…

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