Source When you have the comfort of a steady paycheck landing in your bank account every month, it can feel very daunting to enter the more financially unstable world of freelancing. But there are so many advantages to this style of work that more and more people are taking a leap into the unknown to achieve their goals. However, before you make the transition, you should make sure that you are as financially prepared as you can be. Here are some of the ways that you can feel more confident in this regard. Create an Emergency Fund First and foremost,… View Post

My addiction of filling my mailbox with freebie offers began at an early age. My mother would usually find me cutting out freebie coupons and begging for another stamp to post the letter. The best part of the day for me is the time when the mailman would arrive. In fact, I was so eager to see what I have received as a freebie on that particular day. Even today, nothing has changed much. In fact, I am still a “freebie-oholic.” I am excited when I see freebies in my mailbox and love to share them with my friends and… View Post

The future is bright. Technology and industry are moving ahead at a dizzying pace while education and healthcare are improving and people are better informed than ever on how to ensure their present and future health through exercise and proper nutrition. We’re far from a global utopia, but we have the foundation upon which to build a better future for ourselves. People are generally living longer and working in a broader range of industries where risk to health is limited. On paper, the millennial generation is doing great. The trouble is that the economic deck is stacked against them. Unlike… View Post

I often read about increasing household debt (excluding mortgages), and feel grateful to be in a position where we can make ends meet each month, and even save a bit too. There’s no denying that with all the fallout from the Election, Brexit and more, these feel like particularly uncertain times, and it becomes a major challenge to secure the financial future of our families. One thing which appears increasingly elusive in the eyes of Brits is retirement, with recent research showing that 21 per cent of us believe retirement won’t be possible until at least the age of 70… View Post