Engineered wood flooring is quick and easy to maintain however the Christmas season has a tendency to send us into a cleaning frenzy. If you’re looking to deep clean your flooring, make sure you’re using the right cleaning agents as harsh chemicals can cause permanent damage.  Concentrated, non-concentrated, wipes or liquid? We’ve all been there, stood in the cleaning aisle with not a clue which one to pick. This easy maintenance guide will help you decide as we get your home gleaming right in time for the festive celebrations! 1.    Wet mops ruin engineered wood flooring For some reason we… View Post

I don’t know about you but I love a few new home interior things and what better time than Christmas.  Too often as you get older you don’t personally want or need anything and it’s nice to have something to go in your home to remind you of the person who gave it to you.  Here are few things I liking: Octagonal Geometric Copper Candle Holder This modern tea light holder will brighten up any room and is right on trend. Leaf Jewellery Dish A pretty dish for decorative purposes or storing jewellery.  Love these dishes too. Unicorn Cushion When… View Post

In order to fully recover and recuperate from the stresses that daily life can throw at us, we need a home that we can properly relax in. Somewhere to unwind and just be ourselves so we can recharge and get back out there and live our lives. Overworking leads to burnout which is bad news for both mental and physical health, so making some changes and a conscious effort to relax at home can do you the world of good. If you want to make your home more of a relaxing place to spend time, here are some of the… View Post

With Christmas only a few weeks away now, yes it really is only 8 weeks away, I’ve been thinking about the visitors we will have coming over the Christmas period.  As lucky as I am to have the space in order to have a sofa bed in one of our rooms, we are still going to be short of some sleeping space for our visitors.  Like most people, it’s not really practical to go out and buy extra beds and have somewhere to store them plus as we will want our guests to be comfortable it’s not fair to ask… View Post

Source When it comes to all things home, nothing can feel more exciting that getting to style out your own interiors. Whether you’ve just bought your own home, you’ve soon to be moving, or you’re looking to redo your current decor, you may be excited to get started on your own interiors. But not so fast! It might be easy enough to head out to the nearest home shop and pick up paints and fabrics, furniture and furnishings, but there’s no rush. Before you dive in head first, step back and look for a little inspiration. Because when you find… View Post

Source One of the best things about having your own space is welcoming guests. As we race towards the festive season, is more likely that visitors arrive, be it family members or long lost friends. As you’ll probably know from being a guest yourself, it makes a world of difference when you feel at home. So, how can we make our guests feel especially welcome? Well, it takes a little planning and foresight, but a few small touches can go a long way and encourage loved ones to come and catch up: Think about a gift basket Leaving your guests… View Post

When people set about the task of making their homes look more stylish, they often focus on the big-picture items and features. This means that many things get overlooked, but in a truly stylish home, no feature should be totally ignored. So, to rectify the situation, we will take a look at some of the less celebrated home features and some ways in which you can jazz them up a little bit. And the beauty of many of the tips and tricks we will talk about here is that they are simple, so you can start taking them on as… View Post