• Bedroom Beauty: Give Your Bedroom A Makeover With These Simple Tips

    26th October 2018

    [AD] When you walk into your bedroom, you should feel instantly relaxed and calm. Your bedroom is your private escape from the world, the place where you should be able to escape to as and when you need to. If when you step into your bedroom you don’t feel a sense of tranquility and calm,…

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  • 5 Hacks To Giving Your Home A Makeover On A Budget

    20th September 2018

    [AD] Having your own home gives you the power to express yourself creatively and incorporate your own personal style into your living space. Renovating and decorating your house or apartment can be a fun time, and it has the power to transform a plain room into a sanctuary. Deciding on what colors to paint your…

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  • Luxury on a Budget: Create a Spa Like Bathroom Without Overspending

    8th August 2018

    [AD] The bathroom is always tricky when it comes to renovations and improvement. Not only is it a small space, but switching out the suite can be pricey- not to mention extras like tiling and flooring. However it’s a worthy upgrade to make in the home, there’s nothing quite like like lounging in the bath…

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  • Let The Light In To Your Kitchen This Summer

    9th July 2018

    [AD] A big, spacious kitchen is something that many of us dream of. However, not everyone is blessed with such a big space. Letting more light in is an easy way to make a room feel larger and more open, and there are some great interior design tricks to help transform your dream kitchen. If…

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  • Space Saving Ideas Specifically For Your Bedroom

    21st June 2018

    [AD] Your bedroom is one of those rooms in your home that can often be a little low on the priority list when it comes to decoration or investing your time into making it a nice space. You focus more on the rooms people will see or even things like children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. However,…

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  • Five Space Saving Home Improvement Tips

    11th June 2018

    [AD] We all want to have more space than we currently have. In case you are currently planning your home improvement project, you might be able to create more storage and light in your home without having to get the builders in. The below space saving home improvement tips will help you get more out…

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  • Are You In Search Of That Feeling Of Home?

    11th June 2018

    [AD] We each have a unique idea of what the feeling of home means to us; and this comes down to multiple aspects such as the aesthetic details, the neighbourhood, the people and animals you share your home with and the emotional sense of what home means for you. Whatever home looks and feels like…

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  • Looking For New Blinds For My Home

    31st May 2018

    [AD] If you are a regular reader here at Buckets Of Tea you will know that I can currently renovating my house.  I am getting to the stage of having a couple of the rooms finished and I am looking for blinds as well as curtains in order to keep light out on summer nights/early…

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  • Office Renovations

    29th May 2018

    [AD] Over the past couple of years I have been working on renovating my house. It’s slow progress due to my health and funds.  I’m slowly progressing through the house with the bathroom needing a second lot of grout, all bedrooms just needing little things fitting like new curtains and carpets.  I’ve purchased the curtains…

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  • 5 Luxuriously Green Home Upgrades

    28th May 2018

    [AD] Caring about the environment doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy life’s small luxuries. In fact, going green at home can add value to your property as well as putting you at the forefront of the environmentally friendly wave in your community – you know, so that your neighbours will have to follow…

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