• A Bookworm’s Guide To Organising And Storing Literature

    14th May 2018

    Photo Source When the Kindle and e-readers were initially released, it was proclaimed that the days of paperbacks and hardbacks were over. Turning pages would become a thing of the past – now all you had to do was press a button to move along to the next page – and you could forget the inevitable…

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  • Modern Touches To Add To Your Home

    27th April 2018

    Image If you are looking for some fun ways to add light and colour to your home this spring, you don’t need to rip out the entire space and start again. A lot of the time we can get away with adding one or two special touches which complete the space and make it feel…

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  • How To Boost Your Property’s Value

    19th April 2018

    Whether you are on the property ladder or not, it’s important to know how to maximise the value of your home. Home improvements can be a worthwhile investment, but choosing the right type of renovation is key. Luckily there are some fabulous solutions for you to choose from without having to spend the big bucks!…

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  • 5 Tips On How To Promote Your House From Beginning To End For Sale

    4th April 2018

    Today, advertising and marketing are extremely important for selling a house. Social media and internet are constantly evolving, which has paved the way for homeowners to promote their house easily. One thing is for sure, a house that is properly marketed receives a lot of attention, which impacts its sale price. So, before you put…

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  • 7 Ideas for Organising Your Bedroom Closet

    28th March 2018

    Photo by Alp Allen Altiner on Unsplash Spring is here, and with that comes spring cleaning. Because let’s face it, closets are notorious for collecting odds and ends over the months (and sometimes even the years).  Although you may dread the day you’re digging through old clothes and clearing out out-of-style shoes, know that after cleaning…

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  • A Thorough Property Buyer’s Checklist

    14th March 2018

    Source Buying a property is a big step. It needs to be done with due diligence, which ensures you get your hands on the best deal in town. In this post, you will find a detailed checklist to follow when you intend to buy a properly. Arrange Contact Details of Professionals Buying a property is…

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  • 5 Interior Design Tips to Help Plan for your Home

    13th March 2018

    For many people, interior design purchases are quite a big decision. You need to keep the items’ longevity as well as price point in mind. If you buy the wrong things, it may even make your life miserable afterwards, as you’ll be stuck with something that not only burdened your pocket but you didn’t want…

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  • Engineered Wood Flooring Christmas Clean

    19th December 2017

    Engineered wood flooring is quick and easy to maintain however the Christmas season has a tendency to send us into a cleaning frenzy. If you’re looking to deep clean your flooring, make sure you’re using the right cleaning agents as harsh chemicals can cause permanent damage.  Concentrated, non-concentrated, wipes or liquid? We’ve all been there,…

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