Image Credit We each have a unique idea of what the feeling of home means to us; and this comes down to multiple aspects such as the aesthetic details, the neighbourhood, the people and animals you share your home with and the emotional sense of what home means for you. Whatever home looks and feels like for you, it’s clear there’s a big difference between the feeling of walking into a house that feels like a “home” and a house that is just a house. In many ways home boils down to a sense of belonging and certainty that provides… View Post

For the past two years I have been slowly renovating my house bit by bit.  Recently I have decided on the look I want in my office and most rooms now are nearly finished.  The only rooms left to plan are the utility and down stairs toilet.  Being the smallest room in the house I REALLY want sometime wild and wacky in toilet.  No plain magnolia walls for me! I came across an online site called wallsauce who specialise in bespoke wall murals and graffics that are either hung like wallpaper or have a sticky back.  It is really easy… View Post

From top right clockwise – My Son’s Bedroom, Bathroom, My Daughters Bedroom and Kitchen. If you are a regular reader here at Buckets Of Tea you will know that I can currently renovating my house.  I am getting to the stage of having a couple of the rooms finished and I am looking for blinds as well as curtains in order to keep light out on summer nights/early mornings and also to help keep heat in or the sun out depending upon the time of year.  The perfect blind for us would be made to measure blackout blinds. It’s very… View Post

Over the past couple of years I have been working on renovating my house. It’s slow progress due to my health and funds.  I’m slowly progressing through the house with the bathroom needing a second lot of grout, all bedrooms just needing little things fitting like new curtains and carpets.  I’ve purchased the curtains for all of the rooms but it’s just finding the energy and time to complete.  The hall, stairs and landing walls have been painted and I need to paint all the doors and fit new door handles, then carpet and new wooden floor for the hall… View Post

Caring about the environment doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy life’s small luxuries. In fact, going green at home can add value to your property as well as putting you at the forefront of the environmentally friendly wave in your community – you know, so that your neighbours will have to follow your lead. Source It’s good for Mother Nature and good for you, so have a look at the options below to get one step closer to the home of your dreams. It might not be completely for free but the money you save on energy may… View Post

As one of the busiest rooms in any home, a kitchen should feel warm and welcoming, and one of the simplest ways to do this is with the addition of a kitchen rug. Not everyone has a rug in their kitchen, which is understandable given the amount of mess that accumulates on a kitchen floor, but there are plenty of advantages of using one in this high-traffic room. A good kitchen rug can add a whole new dimension to your space. From providing vibrancy to a darker kitchen to adding eye-catching colour to a white space, kitchen rugs offer a great… View Post

898In September 2016 I took a trip to IKEA just outside of Birmingham to buy some new bedroom furniture. I purchased two of the double Pax wardrobes plus a corner Pax wardrobe and two bedside chests and a desk. I am not somebody who likes the white fresh clean decor and I just love/use colour around the house. From my bedroom I chose a very retro orange and turquoise wallpaper with beige and grey tones from Next. I have this wallpaper along the wall behind my bed and where some of the wardrobes are going and then round the corner… View Post

Photo Source When the Kindle and e-readers were initially released, it was proclaimed that the days of paperbacks and hardbacks were over. Turning pages would become a thing of the past – now all you had to do was press a button to move along to the next page – and you could forget the inevitable arm ache that comes hand in hand with the simple task of trying to keep the book itself open at all angles. Instead, you’d just have a lightweight reader that could store hundreds of books, which could be pulled up from its memory as and… View Post