First let me start with something I do like: Pretty flowers and as every post should have a picture, we’ll have a picture of some pretty flowers. I’m pretty laid back until I’m really pushed. I usually just take things in my stride or may have a little under the breath rant but normally move on unless it’s something I’m passionate about. These are eleven things I really struggle to turn away from: 1. Lies I hate people who tell lies. There are no need. Lies hurt people and in the end benefit nobody. They also wreak lives and often… View Post

Source There’s probably nothing more enticing than the prospect of dipping into a hot tub after a long day. You shouldn’t feel bad about indulging in this treat either as hot tubs can offer many benefits to your physical and mental health! Read on to find out more. • Stress Buster Stress from work and relationships have been cited as one of the major causes of health problems. In the UK, stress accounts for 35% of all workplace-related health issues, and is the root cause of 25% of workplace absenteeism. Considering how stress can trigger wide ranging physical, behavioural and… View Post

I love instagram.  I love uploading photos to the app as a way of memory keeping.  I also like the IG community.  I’ve met some lovely people on Instagram and I love to see their photographs and see what is going on in their lives.  At the end of each month I like to see which photos have been the most popular.  during March it was these: Snow And Ice March really was a cold, snowy and Icy month wasn’t it?  I am really not a cold weather person and I especially don’t like icy snowy weather and we certainly… View Post

You might struggle to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the modern age. We lead sedentary lives; we drive to work, sit at our desks, and slump on the sofa when we get home. We eat and drink unhealthily. We neglect our mental health for the sake of working harder and getting a promotion. There are so many aspects of the modern world which slowly chip away at our health, but there are things you can do to make a positive impact on your wellbeing. Here are some small things that could give you a healthier lifestyle. Source A little bit… View Post

I can honestly say that I really don’t like Mother’s Day. My own mother died 11 years ago now and I don’t think that it has ever felt right since. All the emotions both good and bad seem to start up at this time of year. It’s seems so much worse as her birthday is mid mid March as well.  Literally every single day since Valentines my inbox has been full of emails saying buy this, buy that. People telling you what to do this Mother’s Day. Everywhere you look on social media, television, advertising newspapers, magazines it’s all happy… View Post

Part of my personal goals this year is to concentrate on my happiness.  For far too long I have relied on others to make happy times but to be honest that really hasn’t worked out too well.  I need to grab my happiness and make it a priority.  One thing I have learnt over the past few months is that life is far too short and I need to be proactive in the adventures I have. It is too easy to allow others to take charge of your happiness and as a result your life is suddenly, without warning, not… View Post

Every week when you look on social media it will be full to the brim of posts saying the weekend is coming to a close and Monday has come around once again.  I’m making an effort to love what happens in my life and that includes the dreaded Monday feeling. I looking to create a life in which I don’t dread the start of a new week and instead embrace all it has to offer.  From now on I am embracing the good and not so good things that come in to my life. It’s something I wrote about here… View Post

Life right now is a little chaotic to say the least. When I wrote my post back in January about my goals for 2018 I never in a million years dreamt what would happen over the next two months. It really has been like a nightmare, all because somebody decided they wanted to hurt me. They just couldn’t let me get on with my life and when I met someone else they turned very nasty. All I know is they need to get some help as this isn’t normal behaviour and all I did was call them out about their… View Post