• Top 5 Ways to Embrace Getting Older

    18th September 2018

    No matter how hard we try to deny it, getting older is inevitable. Year by year, month by month, day by day, and even second by second we are aging, and this fact of life scares some people into wishing they could stop the clock. Many men and women even turn to cosmetic procedures, face…

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  • How To Make More Time For Yourself

    12th September 2018

    Prioritising time to do the things for yourself will not only make you happy and help your mental and emotional being, but it will probably also make you more efficient when tackling the less fun aspects of life and what can seem at times the never ending to-do list. But how do you plow through the…

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  • 5 Day Self Care Challenge

    5th September 2018

    Too often in life we put the needs of others far higher up our priorities than we do our own needs.  However, in the long run this isn’t good for us.  Constantly putting others needs before our own physical, mental and emotional needs will leave us feeling tired and often emotional.  All that happens will…

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  • The Perfect Smile

    24th August 2018

    I honesty think at some point all our lives we have wanted the perfect smile.  As a child I had too many teeth and at aged 13 I had 4 of my teeth removed quickly followed by a brace.  I hated that brace.  So many times I wanted to take it out and break it…

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  • 5 Things That Millennials Need To Maintain A Strong & Healthy Mindset

    17th August 2018

    Headlines surrounding mental health have become increasingly common in recent years. Young adults now subsequently understand the need to pay attention. After all, up to one in three people will be affected by conditions. Even if those issues are only minor, knowing how to maintain a healthy frame of mind is vital. Prevention is always…

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  • Could Your Home Be Healthier? Here’s What To Consider

    18th July 2018

    When it comes to our home, there is no doubt that we can all be a little healthier or take amore healthier approach. Our homes can get messy and untidy, they can get infested with germs when one member of the family brings an illness home from school or work, and it can be quite…

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  • How to Prevent Hand and Wrist Pain from Typing

    13th June 2018

    There are various fields of work that require a high volume of typing daily, which may lead to hand and wrist pain down the line. Furthermore, as most people now own a computer and spend several hours a day using the internet, you can end up with pains from typing recreationally.  Typing at a computer…

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  • 28 Days Of Motivation And Self Love

    31st May 2018

    Are you struggling with self confidence and self esteem? Need a little motivation in the morning? Join me for 28 days motivational self love.  Every morning I’ll send a motivational quote to your inbox to encourage, inspire and motivate you. Join  

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