• Really Easy Ways To Build Your Confidence

    18th November 2019

    Source [AD] If you feel low on confidence, you probably don’t believe in yourself or have much of a presence. However, just because confidence doesn’t naturally exude from you, doesn’t mean that you can’t build up your confidence and feel better. Below, you’ll find some really easy ways to build your confidence that should make…

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  • 5 Natural Ways To Relieve Anxiety For A Calmer Life

    6th November 2019

    Source [AD] Anxiety is one of the world’s most common mental health problems and anti-anxiety medication is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs with more and more people requiring help in managing their condition each year. Although there is definitely a time and place for conventional medication, many people are instead choosing to turn…

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  • What I Look For In A Spa Break

    22nd September 2019

    [AD] Life at home can be so hectic and at times a little stressful for all of us and what better way to relax and unwind than to visit a spa? With the choice of the right spa treatments, you will soon find yourself relieving your worries, stress, and tension. I much prefer small boutique…

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  • 3 Ways To Live Healthier

    22nd September 2019

    Source [AD] If you are like most people, you are probably keen to make sure that you are going to live as long as possible. A major part of ensuring that is to know that you are living in a way which is as healthy as manageable, and that is something that all of us…

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  • Five Things To Put A Real Smile On Your Face

    22nd July 2019

    Mondays, why do they come around so quickly?  After a relaxing weekend away from the daily grind of work, well sort of!  why does the post weekend hit so hard?  I’m writing this post for me as much as for you to be honest, as I need to remind myself what makes me happy and…

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  • 5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Long Term Health

    3rd June 2019

    Source [AD] You might be feeling perfectly fine today, but what about tomorrow, next month, or in ten years down the line? While you can never rule out the risk of an illness or disease entirely, you can still take actionable steps to improve your life chances. Such as? Well, take a look at the…

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  • Simple Things You Can Do For A Better Sleep

    14th May 2019

    Source [AD] Sleep is something that’s absolutely crucial for maintaining good physical and mental health, yet with our modern lifestyles often getting in the way of a good night’s rest, many of us are getting nowhere near the recommended amount for ensuring that we stay healthy. Whether you’re actively not sleeping enough by doing things…

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  • Is It Time For You To Make A Change?

    9th April 2019

    Source [AD] It’s amazing how common it is for so many of us to end up in a situation where we’re basically sleepwalking through our lives. It can feel like you’re just letting each day pass by and going through the motions without ever really feeling like you’re having that much of an impact on…

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  • 15 More Lessons I’ve Learnt In Life

    6th February 2019

    I honestly believe that life is one long education and every day we learn something new about ourselves and the world around us. I don’t know about you but life just seems to fly by so fast and is always changing. Last year I wrote this post as a follow up to my original post…

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  • Getting Serious About Stress

    23rd January 2019

    [AD] We often talk about how difficult modern life is and how, despite all our amazing technologies and lifestyle enhancing gadgetry, we are still stressed out. Feeling a little frazzled is the new normal as work, socialising and our home lives get busier and busier and we forget when we last had any down time…

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