• Simple Things You Can Do For A Better Sleep

    14th May 2019

    Image Credit Sleep is something that’s absolutely crucial for maintaining good physical and mental health, yet with our modern lifestyles often getting in the way of a good night’s rest, many of us are getting nowhere near the recommended amount for ensuring that we stay healthy. Whether you’re actively not sleeping enough by doing things…

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  • Is It Time For You To Make A Change?

    9th April 2019

    Image Source It’s amazing how common it is for so many of us to end up in a situation where we’re basically sleepwalking through our lives. It can feel like you’re just letting each day pass by and going through the motions without ever really feeling like you’re having that much of an impact on…

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  • 15 More Lessons I’ve Learnt In Life

    6th February 2019

    I honestly believe that life is one long education and every day we learn something new about ourselves and the world around us. I don’t know about you but life just seems to fly by so fast and is always changing. Last year I wrote this post as a follow up to my original post…

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  • Getting Serious About Stress

    23rd January 2019

    We often talk about how difficult modern life is and how, despite all our amazing technologies and lifestyle enhancing gadgetry, we are still stressed out. Feeling a little frazzled is the new normal as work, socialising and our home lives get busier and busier and we forget when we last had any down time or…

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  • Post-Holidays Comforts You May Wish To Indulge In

    2nd January 2019

    The Christmas period and New Year have both passed. If you were lucky, you’ve hopefully had time to relax, recharge and get ready for a new year. No matter if you’ve had an excellent 2018, or you’d rather put it past you, we would like to wish you a wonderful new year as we continue…

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  • 25 More things I’ve Learnt In Life

    27th November 2018

    Early last year I wrote about 25 things I had learnt in life.  Over the past 21 months so much has happened in life and I can honestly say there is so much more that I have learnt.  The number of friends you have doesn’t matter. It is the quality of the friends you have that…

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  • My Change In Mindset

    23rd November 2018

    When 2017, which I can only describe as the worst year of my life, came to an end I was so determined to change my outlook on life and also how I lived my life.  My life is so far from perfect but despite everything that still effects make life, mainly things out of my…

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  • This Year’s Self Care Actions

    12th November 2018

    It’s strange how things have to get to such a bad place before you realise that you need to take care of yourself.  For too many years I neglected me.  I put everyone else before myself and honestly believed I didn’t deserve to be happy.  Luckily, and finally my eyes have been opened.  I am…

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