Mondays, why do they come around so quickly?  After a relaxing weekend away from the daily grind of work, well sort of!  why does the post weekend hit so hard?  I’m writing this post for me as much as for you to be honest, as I need to remind myself what makes me happy and gets me ‘back on track’ after some people trying to upset me.  I was chatting earlier today and needing to bing consistency in to my life, bring more fun times and adventures and more of the little things that always bring a smile to my… View Post

Source There are various fields of work that require a high volume of typing daily, which may lead to hand and wrist pain down the line. Furthermore, as most people now own a computer and spend several hours a day using the internet, you can end up with pains from typing recreationally.  Typing at a computer for long periods may eventually lead to a repetitive strain injury (RSI) or flexor carpi radialis pain, which is a very painful condition caused by repetitive hand and wrist movements. Thankfully, there are methods to prevent RSI from typing. Stretch Frequently Due to the unnatural… View Post

Selfie This year I have decided to take a selfie each month. Too often I am the other side of the camera and this needs to change. Please note I am not saying I like being the other side of the lens but it’s something I feel I must do. You can read more about my selfie journey project here. Royal Wedding Such a lovely day. I loved how classic Meghan’s dress was and Prince Harry looked petrified as she walked up the aisle. I know there is so much written in the press that this marriage won’t last but… View Post

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Source We all want to live a healthy and active life and as part of this it is recommended that some form of exercise can help us.  Even the most unfit can change their lifestyles by making a few little changes at a time.  When you are working towards your health and fitness goals you may need some extra advice and motivation from a personal coach.  Here are five reasons why hiring a personal coach can assist you in reaching your fitness goals and maintaining all your hard work: 1. Results – A lot of People work with personal trainers to… View Post