• New Trends In Fashion Accessories

    7th February 2020

    Source [AD] The nights are colder, the days are shorter, and our jumpers are thicker… It can only mean one thing; winter is in full force. And, with every new season comes a change in fashion trends. It presents all of us with the excuse to update our wardrobe with the latest looks and styles.…

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  • Harry Potter Jewellery Designer The Carat Shop launch a new website

    11th October 2019

    [AD] Ready to start putting your Christmas list together? It’s never too early. The most wonderful time of the year has gotten a bit sparklier with the launch of The Carat Shop’s new website and all their shiny and stunning Harry Potter jewellery. Maybe you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff and you are looking…

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  • What A Difference Two Years Makes

    22nd September 2019

    [AD] Things really can change in two years. When I see that photograph above I realise how much things really have changed for me. In May 2017 I had a kidney infection that quickly turned in to sepsis and I went into a coma. Scroll forward 6 weeks and I was on my way home…

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  • 9 Things Every Woman Should Own

    23rd August 2019

    [AD] Over the years I have tried to build a wardrobe where I love all the items and most importantly wear them! By streamlining my wardrobe I really have reduced the ‘what shall I wear today scenario which we all face at times. I’m lucky that I work from home and I tend to live…

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  • Engraved Silver Bracelet from the Gift Experience

    11th July 2019

    [REVIEW] I was recently approached by The Gift Experience, a UK online gift company who sell a varied range of gifts for all the family. The Gift experience is a family run online business that aims to provide wonderfully unique, personalised gifts at the touch of a button. The Gift Experience truly understands how special…

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  • Benefit Brow Shaping Kit

    16th February 2016

    Eye brows. They’re funny things really but get their shape wrong and you will know all about it. I’ll be honest I’m useless at getting a good shape and always have them professionally done. My preferred choice is threading. I think it gives a neater shape for me and I think it hurts less. I’ll…

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