I don’t know about you but 90% of the time I live in jeans and a casual top.  Working from home means I don’t have to have a wardrobe of office wear and it’s so lovely to work with comfy clothes on after spending many years with smart office wear.  Having said that it doesn’t mean I want to always hang around in a plain t-shirt.  Trying to purchase plua sized tops on the high streeet can sometimes be a drag.  I’m quite tall as well as being plus size on my top half, thanmks to mother nature! and often… View Post

Strange question I know but do you always pick the same brands or like me mix up brands but pick the same colours every time? Let’s talk about lipsticks. I’m very picky about my lipstick colour. I don’t like a bright lipstick which usually puts most reds and pinks out of my comfort zone. But then I don’t suit peach tones either. This leaves me with muted pinks and nudes. My preference being a nude lipstick. Now there are plenty of nude lipsticks out there on the market, all slightly different in shade, ranging from dark nudes to lighter natural… View Post

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine Earlier on this year when I wasn’t well and my immune system crashed for some unknown reason it had the effect of my body shutting down; this meant my organs were beginning to not work and as a result I am very very lucky to be here today.  Things were that serious.  After I had been to theatre to have a central line fitted I was taken to the isolation unit on the cancer ward.  My immune system has go so low I was vulnerable and the slightest bug or germ… View Post

Some days are meant to be spent in the warmth and comfort of your home, especially cold snowy days.  Days that when you look out of your window you have lost your road.  Days like this, believe me there really is a road under there: There are plenty of these type on during winter months, days when all you want to do is spend time with loved ones all wrapped up.  What’s not to love about sitting in the cosy comfort of your home waiting for Christmas to arrive? First of all I like to relax with a nice cup… View Post

Since I left the employee rat race and became self employed in 2013 I have been ‘lucky’ not to have to wear suits and smart office attire for work  I love that I am free to dress casual which I find helps me be more productive as I don’t feel restricted by having to wear a suit like I did in my previous job.  Although I can dress casual I’m not really one of these people who sits at home and works in my PJs.  For me personally that is taking things a little to far the other way.  I… View Post

I’ve never been one of these people who ‘trowels’ their make up on.  Unlike teenage girls today I didn’t really get in to make up until I’d left school.  A little eyeliner and lipgloss before then but I cleanly didn’t have a fun face of make up whilst at school.  To be honest it wasn’t until I was at University that I started wearing foundation.  I suppose I was blessed and didn’t go through the normal acne phase. In my forties now I still have a minimalist look about  my everyday make up.  I really don’t have drawers and drawers… View Post

After Christmas I was sent a lovely sweet bracelet from The Lifestyle Blogger UK.  I don’t have much jewellery but what I do have is simple and classic.  I’m not a huge fan of over sized jewellery especially earrings.  In fact I only ever wear a very plain pair of earrings and can’t actually remember when I changed them! The silver coloured metal bracelet is so comfortable to wear and surprisingly brought many compliments when I wore it on a night out.  The heart and leather tassels are really cute and I found it coordinated with a number of different… View Post

Today as part of my attempt to complete Blogmas; a post a day from 1 December until Christmas I thought I’d talk about Christmas hair and make up.  By no means am I a beauty and hair expert but here are a few of my favourite party picks. 1 Urban Decay Naked Smokey Eye Palette I just adore the naked range of eye shadows by Urban decay.  The Naked Smokey palette has to be my go to palette for nights out.  I admit I struggle to do a stunning smokey eye but even I can get the smokey eye effects with these… View Post