Source In spite of every pack containing serious warnings and descriptive images about the carcinogenic and other derogatory health impacts that smoking can have on human health, millions of people in the United Kingdom still smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. It is easy to call it a bad habit and be done with it, but the truth is more complex than that. Smoking is a physical and psychological addiction which is easy to adopt but extremely hard to get rid of. However, it is possible to lose the habit and repair some of the damage before it’s too late.… View Post

As a newbie vaper, it’s hard to pick the right vape pen to suit the needs of your usual smoking habits. Some vape pens are too bulky and hard to transport, whereas others are just simply too difficult to use for newbie vapers. Luckily for you, though, there are already multiple vape pens on the market that are hugely popular among newbie vapers, and some of those are outlined below. Juul Vaper The Juul Vaper isn’t just perfect for first-time users, it’s also got a knack for keeping even the most experienced vapers on their toes. The vape pen itself… View Post

Welcome. My name is Candace and I am a 40 something Mother of a teen and a tween.  Although I am a Mother there is far more to me.  As well as my children I have many interests including crafting, reading, cooking & baking, fashion and beauty.  Its only now in my 40’s I think I am finding my own style and I am beginning to be confident with who I am. This blog is my little space on the web where I write all about the things in my life that give me inspiration, happiness and hope whilst I… View Post