28th November 2018

    Christmas is getting more expensive and extravagant each year; people compete with their Christmas trees,, parties, cakes, lights and decorations. However, at the same time, people are increasingly opting for personalised, handmade, bespoke gifts, gifts which are locally sourced, exclusive and bought or made with love and some thought. It seems more than ever that…

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  • Knitting Socks; Casting On Sock Number One

    13th January 2017

    I learnt to knit when I was about 7 or 8 and to be honest all I ever knit was scarfs.  Back and forth I would go with no real aim.  I started to crochet about the same time and found I much preferred to crochet than knit.  A few years ago I was speaking…

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  • Snuggling Under Blankets

    21st December 2016

    Today as part of my attempt to complete Blogmas; a post a day from 1 December until Christmas I thought I’d talk about how I love nothing better this time of year than snuggling under a blanket, preferably one I have crocheted myself. As we plunge towards the depths of winter and the we try…

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