• How Do We Survive Christmas

    15th December 2017

    How do we survive Christmas! That’s a interesting statement isn’t it?  How do we survive this time of the year with all the hustle and bustle ?  How do we end up at the start of a brand new year unscathed?  So how do we survive Christmas?  I would certainly not say I am a…

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  • Christmas Stress Is Overrated

    13th December 2017

    Christmas Stress, why oh why do we stress over what is basically 1 day.  I never stress about Christmas at all.  Can’t understand why people do. It’s just one day with a roast bird slightly larger than your typical Sunday roast. Our kids worlds are not going to end if they don’t get everything they…

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  • Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree

    11th December 2017

    The evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals (pagan and Christian) for thousands of years. It is not certain why fir trees were first used as Christmas trees.  Throughout Europe, other early Christmas trees were either cherry or hawthorn plants that were placed in pots and bought inside so they would…

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  • Christmas Lights At The Botanical Gardens, Birmingham

    5th December 2017

    There is something about Christmas lights that really means Christmas is on it’s way.  Last week I was invited along with Brum Bloggers to Birmingham Botanical Gardens to see their Christmas Lights trail.  The garden’s have all been lit up with stunning lights and along the way you may be lucky enough to see Santa. …

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  • Blogmas 2017

    1st December 2017

    I really cannot believe that it’s December already.  This year has really flown by.  At times I did think it was going to go on and on but today sees the 1st day of December which means it’s the start of Blogmas 2017 on the blog/  last year I also took part and managed to…

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  • Christmas Markets

    19th December 2016

    For quite a few years now in Birmingham they have had a German Christmas market. Over the years the market has expanded and now occupies a large part of the city and this year also included a big wheel and ice rink. This year I jumped in the car one evening with friends and headed…

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  • Christmas Past

    12th December 2016

    Back in the days when I had believers Christmas was a magical time. A time to surprise my children with presents they dreamed of. One year they both had new bikes at Christmas. My children have always had bikes from as soon as they could walk. Starting off with little trikes. Owning bikes is such a…

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  • Cleaning Up For Christmas

    9th December 2016

    I may have totally lost the plot with all the Christmas madness around but as I typed the title of this list I had Chris Rea and Driving Home For Cheistmas going through my head! I don’t know what it is it this time but I just seem to be so busy. Really busy!  I…

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