From our home to yours, we wish you all a Merry Christmas xx

How do we survive Christmas! That’s a interesting statement isn’t it?  How do we survive this time of the year with all the hustle and bustle ?  How do we end up at the start of a brand new year unscathed?  So how do we survive Christmas?  I would certainly not say I am a expert in answering these questions but being in my 40’s now and still standing I think I have done ok so far.  Here are a few things I have learnt along the way: 1 Budget This really has to be your first priority when considering… View Post

Christmas Stress, why oh why do we stress over what is basically 1 day.  I never stress about Christmas at all.  Can’t understand why people do. It’s just one day with a roast bird slightly larger than your typical Sunday roast. Our kids worlds are not going to end if they don’t get everything they want. Christmas should be about fun and laughter not how much you can eat and drink, how much you spend and how fancy your decorations are. A lot have people have lost what this time of year should be about and if kids can’t have… View Post

The evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals (pagan and Christian) for thousands of years. It is not certain why fir trees were first used as Christmas trees.  throughout Europe other early Christmas trees were either cherry or hawthorn plants that were placed in pots and bought inside so they would hopefully flower at Christmas time. If you were unable to afford a real tree then pyramids of wood were decorated paper, apples and candles. In 2017 there are many decorative festive artificial trees are available to decorate our homes.  There is the more traditional tree and… View Post

There is something about Christmas lights that really means Christmas is on it’s way.  Last week I was invited along with Brum Bloggers to Birmingham Botanical Gardens to see their Christmas Lights trail.  The garden’s have all been lit up with stunning lights and along the way you may be lucky enough to see Santa.  At the entrance there are a couple of brightly lit Victorian rides with a couple of stalls selling hot food and drinks. The gardens have been beautifully lit nad the trail is well marked for you to follow in the dark. These middle eastern lamps… View Post

I really cannot believe that it’s December already.  This year has really flown by.  At times I did think it was going to go on and on but today sees the 1st day of December which means it’s the start of Blogmas 2017 on the blog/  last year I also took part and managed to write 17 posts over the 25 days of Blogmas.  I was a little disappointed that I was unable to write a post each day as planned but life was different the end of last year but after events earlier this year I have learnt my… View Post